Bensberg Tourism

by yudaica2013 ·

Holiday between wanderlust and home look, recovery and search for meaning – meeting at the Robinson Club Fleesensee years have can reduce the desire to travel the Germans much health risks, economic trends, or terrorist attacks. Tourists seem to adapt to and more likely to change their travel plans as entirely renounce them. Recovery, increased well-being or intellectual enrichment are observable needs in different accents. Tourism becomes a segment of the economy aimed particularly at conception and teaching experiences, (self -) experiences, dreams, emotions, good feel moments, stories. Happiness – and promises of paradise are (still) the Repertoire of communication strategies in the tourism. They play with their slogans In the paradise rooms still free”or short vacation in Paradise” with the idea of a different existence. With their services to increase the physical and spiritual quality of life tourism is not only economically, but also socially to a key industry.

Indicators show that the search for meaning in the holiday becomes an important motif. Growing interest of offerings with a spiritual and intellectual added value. Ciphers of a rather diffuse spirituality are religious symbols, myths and images. In the face of diverse and even contradictory developments, leisure and tourism as well as the Thomas-Morus-Akademie Bensberg travel industry, project developers, hoteliers, scientists, representatives and representatives of the churches and interested invite the Catholic Association. Common views on the desires of the traveler is”, to throw offerings and strategies of addressing. What are the central themes for the holiday of the future? What are the holiday longings of the people? What characterizes them? How does the change affects the tourist offer? The Church has the tasks and roles?


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