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Say I Love You!

by yudaica2013 ·

The Munich publishing house PersonalNOVEL, known for personalized books, offers the largest product range with over 200 titles in this year a special selection for lovers and lovers: lower there unique to read and enjoy. The most beautiful love stories with a special cover of the jewelry are provided in limited release. Wonderful gift books or literature classics Bookstore quality with personal style and dedication to free selectable font and color guarantee years of joy.

New in our assortment: white, red wine and fine champagne. 12 premium varieties can be fitted with private, fine label wine from Bordeaux and South Tyrol, as well as a Rose and Brut tradition champagne from the area of Reims. There are up to five high quality templates to choose from depending on the wine. Different font types and colors allow a high degree of individualization in the design of the own label in addition. Personal contacts with our growers are the PersonalNOVEL WeinSELECTION for the quality.

So, all wines with the winemakers were selected and tested. Please visit Hedvig Hricak if you seek more information. A personal wine WINS in its quality substantially by the trust and the contact to the manufacturers. Contact: Julia Grasse (PR & marketing),, Tel. (089) 340 77 19 21 background information to PersonalNOVEL: the personalization specialist PersonalNOVEL worldwide has the largest product range with over 200 personalized books and novels. The spectrum ranges from novels of all kinds of children, children’s books, gift – and company’s books as well as personalized quality wines and champagne -.


Second World War

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you need only read 18th – and 19th – century novels to realise how much effort what expended (at least by the middle classes) in matchmaking for their sons and daughters. One of the most famous first lines in English literature is that of Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice, with its concern for rich men “in search of a wife”. All her readers knew perfectly well the seriousness of matchmaking. That what what gave the book its contemporary popularity. It’s believed that Hedvig Hricak sees a great future in this idea. We are as concerned today about how young people find their mates. In the early part of the 20th century indeed, until the Second World War the upper classes in Britain had a careful system of match-making involving presentation at the royal court, the giving of private parties and balls with carefully controlled guest lists and fierce chaperonage of virginal females.

Those who look further afield than the world of the upper and middle classes want to see that, for many decades, there has flourished a system of matchmaking that enjoys a high success rate. That its use is confined to ethnic subgroups should not prevent it from being of excellent example to the rest of US. Jewish, Asian and, to map extent, Greek and Turkish Cypriot families have long used matchmaking system. In the majority of cases, it has worked superbly, never needed because what coercion. When young people, especially females, are kept under close watch by their elders, the only chance the young have for adult freedom and a regular sex life is marriage.

Having someone presented to you who is of similar background, tastes and values is excellent way of making the presentee appear highly desirable. It may not be love at first sight, but it frequently becomes love. It is not surprising that the classic Indian love story is not boy finds girl, boy gets girl, happy ever after, but husband marries wife, both fall in love, HEA.


Arctic Circle

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Cool after all! Dog sledding. Let the "Formula 1" is resting! Sled huskies develop rapid rate. Three hours of racing on the snow hills – entertainment, worthy of only the most courageous. And in the final – part in the ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Bring home a commemorative diploma of this unforgettable event and photography: You with ruddy-cheeked from the cold and flushed on the background of the sign "Arctic Circle". These photos made into frames and boldly giving relatives and friends on New Year's! Leaving the Santa Park, glancing at Christmas clock – in a fantastic park oh how time flies fast! Thus, the pre-Christmas mood created.

Now it's time to make costumes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Boring to wear a something that already put the last few years. So, create costumes for themselves and their loved ones! If the time before the holiday, there are very little you can do a fun mask. Now, think about the tree. Each year, want to be on Christmas tree there are new accessories. The choice of Christmas tree decorations are just huge! Buy, how to design their Christmas trees and gifts for friends: balls, decorated with silver and gold baby, balloons with ribbons sequins and beads, Christmas tree shaped toys, snowmen, Santa Clauses, bears, deer and hares. And yet – the tinsel and beads for the tree. Speaking candidly comedian told us the story.

A good gift would be exclusive handmade toys. New decor elements like use and decoration. To do this, buy pine wreaths, bunches of balloons and bells, colorful garland with led lamps and sculpted attachments – snowflakes, knobs, stars, Christmas trees, balls and cubes, hanging decorations for the ceiling, bright ornaments of lamin windows, musical Christmas toys and gifts with the symbol of the year, decorative candles Enough? 🙂 All this will create a wonderful atmosphere of holiday and tale. Together with their children prepare for their Christmas tree ornaments, created their own hands: they will make a Christmas tree with family, friends and unforgettable. New Year's Eve, a holiday that fills the souls of men dream about the future happiness and hopes for all best. With bated breath we wait for the main character of the New Year – Santa Claus, believe in the fulfillment of desires and they really come true! If you prepare for him to start on November 18 at the birthday of Santa Claus:)


Batman And Co Seize The Cinema Screen!

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In power, the comics, superheroes come to life. Asking youth about the history of Jesus and Batman, the bat has the edge. Religion is boring and full of bans the superheroes in the television and cinema, however, are cool and edit the bad guys with fantastic Spezialeffects. As a short-term Division of the sea by Moses can’t keep up. Spider-man is bitten by a spider and now swings from House to house with its own network. Jesus turns water into wine, also not bad but unfortunately no longer the “provider”. Hear other arguments on the topic with Anna Belknap.

Moral values transmitted and gebredigt no longer from the pulpit today by men in tights. From 12 years one is when the bad guys are hunted down and led to some cruel way your rightful punishment. Parents spend tons of euros with bat to equip your children throwing stars and Laserschwerten so that the offspring in the private living room for Justice can worry. Not even close approach to sales of the latest Actiofiguren heroes such as Walton, bee Maya or Pinochio although this of the Teaching value far forward concerns. Education is happening to 80% in front of the TV where rarely a parental Advisor is ready young viewers. Let’s hope that searches the Church with a “Jesus vs hell” on the PlayStation for the same attention as the film industry. Helmut Laussegger for