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"Aria" was the first (and, some say the only) nationally-known and commercially successful metal band in the Soviet Union and Russia. The popularity of "Aria" in no small measure contributed to the development of relevant direction of the "heavy" music in Russia. "Aria" – one of the few Russian rock bands, famous and touring outside the former Soviet Union. The basic genre of "Aria" is a traditional heavy metal in his "English" school: "Galopovye" guitar riffs, high pitched vocals and long guitar solos. The group began to play, in imitation of such heavy metal classics like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest. Because of this, critics accused the "Aria" in imitation and lack of originality, as well as borrowing music moves in these groups. The musicians themselves deny such charges.

Since the late 90's the band's style became more independent. Then in "Aria" has appeared a tendency to the lyrical rock ballads, thanks to which, in many ways, the group managed to gain fame. Ballad of "Paradise Lost," "Calm," "Splinter Ice" aired on radio stations, while a "hard" songs for the most parts were "Unformat". With the change of the composition and the arrival of new vocalist in the repertoire of "Aria" again began to dominate the "heavy" songs, but there were also some elements of power metal. Category Aria texts that compose professional poets, close to the traditional heavy metal. Among the recurring themes – the treatment to the theme of war, history, religious mysticism and a horror, and love lyrics.



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Creative Association – a group of heel, was formed in 2003, in the middle of October. The beginning of the band can be considered a statement Brick: I vocalist heel. The first few months we have been remixed by such groups as Purgen, FPG …, and even created their own albomchik urf 'uletnye remixes fans', but, in my opinion, his cover was much better the content, so that albomchik not gone beyond the studio Ryaz-Kor production. Almost two years the group was treated for alcohol according to the best clinics in Europe and the USA. The treatment of spent millions of dollars that were supposed to enter into the budget of the new album.

Doctors strictly forbade the team to get together and write new songs as any, even the shortest rehearsal ended three weeks avidly. Still, the band found the strength, and your ears available to listen to the most sober album. A disc can hear the lyrical songs of unrequited love, intrigue, sex and drugs, crime, songs with political overtones and simple philosophy of life. How all this nonsense raznostilny managed to burn to a disc is still unknown, scientists Cambridge University undertook to investigate this phenomenon. Well, we are waiting for you at our site, listen and enjoy the new, super funny and at the same time hyper-serious project team – all in glamor! Released: 2010 Genre / Style: Banter-punk 1. Keep showbiz 2. City Life 3.

Village moonshine 4. Guardians 5. At the cemetery 6. Ghost 7. Rubber zine 8. Wild beach 9. Grey rain 10. For lovely ladies! 11. Tripdacha (a cover of The Fifth Brigade) 12. Urban Life (remix Trumbandon) / With all songs you can find by browsing All songs posted for informational purposes only. Forbidden to be copied and raspostranie this material. After listening you must immediately delete files from their carriers.