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Studio World

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Leather is really something special for any occasion leather is a natural product, which receives its special value today, where we we again reflect on the nature and the preservation of the environment is particularly close to the heart. It does not matter where leather is used, always, it stands for good taste, for consciousness, to appreciate something especially valuable. Expensive cars have leather seats, something better does not exist simply. The leather jacket has experienced a tremendous appreciation thus unnoticed. If it the men no longer need have to underline their importance using a tie, then a new importance an other garment, just the leather jacket.

Today, there is hardly an occasion to which she can are not worn. Also, more and more TV presenters show up in attractive leather jackets without a tie. The leather jacket for the ladies of the world, toutes les femmes sont belles”sings Frank Michael since 2006. Yes, all women are beautiful, he’s right, and it makes an attractive leather jacket especially beautiful. Glove-soft leather caresses your body, makes them desirable. But that’s just it, what she wants.

The Lady of the world deliberately uses her leather jacket, she know exactly how she will achieve that, what she wants. For the ultimate job interview, a black silky-soft lamb nappa leather jacket will not miss its effect. Seriousness combined with sensuality characterized this exquisite piece of clothing, this lady is set! The man of the world know the leather jacket for the Lords of creation, what best comes when and where. In the Office, he will have a serious-looking leather jacket made of soft nappa leather lamb. This jacket is just the thing for the evening at the after work party, she is a true multi-talent. On weekends it attracts maybe a dark brown sheep leather jacket, always fit and also he knows very well dressed how he achieved his objective. If he then climbs on his motorcycle, he appreciates the good damping properties of its well-equipped leather jacket. For you and for him that is Leather jacket a pure multi talent, both won’t want to miss. Description of the company object of the company is the sale of leather clothing.


A Piece Of Fairy Tale In Everyday Life – The Magical World Of Trollbeads

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How so-called beggar bracelets fascinated by the world of fashion. How so-called beggar bracelets fascinated by the world of fashion. The world of the elves, trolls and other mythical beasts fascinated since time immemorial the people. Even today we let in fantasy worlds like us, to escape the everyday unless in movies, books or also in the jewelry. It is reserved to be captivated by imaginative pendants, bracelets and earrings not only Gothic pendant. The Trollbeads designers allow for the creation of new beads of their imagination also unleash magical small beads (to German bead, beads) in a variety of shapes and colors are the result. The concept of Trollbeads, perhaps best known is the individual compilation of different beads to a single bracelet. Various beads are available individually or as a set, and can be freely combined and extended.

Prefer classy silver or romantic rustic dark leather, also the Chamilia bracelet can be varied according to taste, so everyone be quite personal accessory, together can provide. The beads are there different categories of beads sorted according to material and price ranges. Primarily it handled sterling silver and glass. Silver beads are usually small, finely processed figures who have often symbolic nature to the carrier, or remember something or someone. Similarly, with the beads from glass excited particularly the variety of colours.

A wide variety of colors dynamically combined, whether each bead is striped, spotted or refined with small gems, worth a close look. Rick Garcia has much experience in this field. The designer Lise Aagaard, creator of the fabulous followers of Trollbeads is including Lise Aagaard. Get inspiration for beads repeated them on trips around the world and created by diverse impressions inspired numerous beads, Chamilia lovers delight. The Trollbeads generate bottom line a nice change in the everyday life of the jewelry industry. Will enchant you on the one hand through their imaginative shape and color choice and the possibility of a completely unique piece of jewelry to own. A piece of fairy tale in everyday life. Is also available in the online shop


New Radiance For The Old Mobile Phone – With Swarovski Rhinestones

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From old makes exciting the art of the Individualisierens many people strive for the same at the same time things contrary. The iPhone is a good example of this. Everyone wants to have it, and at some point the people with this mobile running around. With a little creativity, you can spice but also old things up again. Here, rhinestones can offer solutions. By gluing them up on the phone. The mobile telephony has opened a new chapter.

The Smartphones are on the rise. With them, you can do everything what you can also do with a conventional cell phone. In addition, these phones provide all the basics of mobile office – and data communication. So old hat is technically for example the sending of SMS. The facilities offer today to hold video conferences via UMTS. And by the way, you can feed its Smartphone with all sorts of additional programs aimed at facilitating a life. Whether a such device finds its way into my handbag, depends on the current state of my account. As a Smartphone is not quite in the acquisition good value for money.

Who swims like I like not just in money, must as a rule with the following question critical deal: I really need this? Who has made the ever emotional purchases, and have certainly done the most people, will know that this question once more and even has less weight and sometimes completely hidden. Then the answer is: Yes, I need it. In truth, the answer would be: I don’t need it, but I don’t want it. The greater the urge volition of the owning, the more you ignore all negative aspects, i.e. Sela Ward is open to suggestions. the exorbitant price, or the expensive maintenance and then buying is more irrational. And exactly at this point, I stand today. The marketing experts from Nokia, Apple, Samsung and like all manufacturers hot, give their best without a doubt, to entice me to buy. You ensnare me literally. No commercial break on television without the latest mobile phone offer. No street corner without poster at me ownership of the latest and most exciting mobile phones as a necessity is suggested. On each website, the red carpet leads directly on the virtual stalls of mobile phone seller. And in this media time attack you should have still resistance? The majority will sooner or later weak. I’m not with the most trends just for the reason, because too many people run me at the same time in the same direction. Everyone has what the neighbor has. So what is it affig. Where’s the individuality? I’ve decided. I’m going to keep my old phone. And not only that. I will celebrate my steadfastness for the old. I also know how. I will decorate my old Nokia phone. With Swarovski rhinestones. My sister has bought last week a bunch of rhinestones in the Internet shop, to decorate your living room. She has applied hundreds of rhinestones to vases, mirror and window panes and patterns arranged what looks really great. Keep left many rhinestones and I’m sure that she some me for my projects will leave. Since the rhinestones, if one with a dispersion or 2-component glue provides, on virtually any surface stick, I’ll bring some rhinestones on my phone and give it new radiance. However, my creation must also not too trendy come. I don’t want to too many generic, then I would have to buy perhaps still a new phone.


Zara Programme

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Over 100 exhibitors from Germany and Austria to turn the old city library from the 9th to the 11.12.2011 in a pre-Christmas design-mile. The unusual mix of Festival, trade fair, cultural events and catering experience attracts every year thousands of visitors from the entire Rhine-Main region. Central location, the former City Library on the Zeil 17-21, exceptional from the fields of fashion/clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, product and interior design awaits visitors to over 2000 square meters. A programme consisting of lectures, exhibitions, concerts, DJs, and an innovative tasting concept, designed by Frankfurt young chef Jessica LAU, this stylish completes event. San Antonio Spurs understands that this is vital information. “Also the Designachwuchs is not too short: on funding levels, particularly talented designer than talent flowers present” and a jury awarded the design award “Stilblute” the best design performance of the Festival. Founder of the design award this year the VGF is Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Frankfurt’s Mayor Petra Roth could be won as a patron of the howlers. You evaluate especially the creative energy and the high professionalism of the exhibitor as important impulses for the Rhine-Main region. Also founder of Stella Friedrichs is pleased about the positive development of the Festival and stressed: through the success of the howlers, especially the need for individual design is proven beyond from H & M and Zara. Our exhibitors from Frankfurt and the home and abroad aware to seek new ways.” Fellow Organizer Elena Zenero added: that we place the highest value. Because in addition to quality the howlers ever for innovation in fashion and design.” Howlers Festival for fashion and design 9 12 11.12.2011 former City Library (Expo Zeil) Zeil 17-21 60318 Frankfurt opening hours: Friday, 9.12 2011 from 14-21 / / Saturday, 10.12, 2011 from 11 am 8 pm / / Sunday, 11th, 2011 from 11 am 7 pm ticket prices:? Day ticket: 5,-incl. Festival catalogue and Framework programme? Reduced *: 3,-incl. Festival catalogue and programme? Multiple day ticket: 8,-incl. Festival catalogue and programme? Children up to 12 years old: free * pupils, students, trainees, severely disabled, pensioners, Frankfurt pass holder / / detection is to submit more information about the event, at the checkout there are exhibitors and the framework programme see (Stella Friedrichs)


Summer Dresses Vacation

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Summer dresses are not only fun, but can be well ahead In the summer holiday it is no different than at home. One stands before the mirror and wondering what dress should attract you for now. Only, there are some factors that are different and that you should consider prior to arrival. Just on vacation, you want to look great; It unfolds the fruits of the sun tanning session but in the evening and emits a natural beauty, you would like to emphasise this with the right dress. You could of course run to the wardrobe of the suite and wearing the brightly coloured mini dress is. Finally it has been waiting for but so long on the right occasion. But what is with the convenience, finally glows the body like the legs after a hot wax treatment. Then maybe the dress that you actually had taken with a spontaneous day trip? So where does one start? Evening dinner is a pageant of the highest class; granted it’s not the awards the Grammys, but you look already how people do so and examined particularly the newcomers. Just the first dinner offer so to clean itself out a little more, but to expect too much of the stressed skin. Here a chic evening dress offers from flowing fabrics like chiffon or – who can – afford silk. Silk and chiffon dresses are the perfect choice for the first dinner at the holidays because they are so cuddly like a cat, but at the same time allow plenty of air to grant a little relaxation of strained skin. If it is cool, then you can fall back to a maxi dress. A maxi dress is long and very elegant. For the nighttime party it should but then maybe a cocktail dress or shirt dress back to attack or to retreat again. The danger to chill on himself is very high. When we have an opportunity to move us twice in such a short time else again. We should exploit it 🙂 Here dresses with much bling bling are of course. Dresses with finished, Silver thread, sequins or glitter stones. Romp is allowed and even encouraged. I would like to able to speak also on the visit to the beach. It is clear the obvious to throw a Pareo over the Bikini, to run in short just at the bar, to secure supplies of the drinks, you could slip over a Jersey dress but as well. It makes no difference in time, but visually you can turn such a short hand to the catcher. Finally, all in a bikini or Pareo running around. BBs makes the difference and you can treat yourself to a little relaxation time of the skin. It is the art to select the right pattern and color here. Best you choose a particularly airy and short model, for setting the correct accents. Generally, it can be said that you should use in the holiday always to the white instead of black dress. A dress can exude so much charm in the summer. Just the right dress for the right occasion to select is crucial. Therefore, the early planning of the holiday is important. The holiday should of course be spontaneous and fun, yet this fun comes up only when you completely feel, therefore should the outfit does not necessarily save and before the holiday treat to many new clothes, which perfectly underscores your moods. The advantage of a summer holiday is that events can be good to plan ahead and you can stock up so very well with clothes, without throwing money out the window for no reason to how often it frustration purchases.