Stylish Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda pants for the coming summer. What triangle on balmy summer evenings in best abundance can be seen during the visit of the Bochum Bermuda, Bermuda shorts are – nomen est omen -. You are big and small, old and young, fat and thin and men like women. At this cheerful peacefully colored fashion driving, it is now hard to imagine, what popular Bermuda have played earlier for a strictly military role. Some contend that Charlotte Hornets shows great expertise in this. Because this very special and unique shape of the knee shorts designed for the Royal Navy at the time and was part of the uniform in the tropics or desert operations. Hence also the name Bermuda disappeared yet in any mysterious sinking. Because in Bermuda, a British territory, were (and are) this pleasantly ventilated trousers are a refreshing treat for all those who were a stylish dress code required even at the area-typical high temperatures or committed.

In our time, the Bermudas have of course already been fashionable emancipated and touching also the territorial borders to neighbouring textile areas. Therefore, the strict distinction between shorts and bermudas in individual cases is difficult to meet. But this is no problem, as long the comfortable leisure chaps style flatters the wearer or the bearer. And who now short and loose wants to learn more about the topic, which can check in comfortably free of charge at bermuda hosen.html. Sandra Reinfeld

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