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Travel is one of the emerging tourist destinations in East Africa to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. Uganda is one of the emerging tourist destinations in East Africa. With its rich culture, the great and famous national parks and its hospitable people this country in the heart of Africa every year attracts more tourists. Uganda, impresses with its flora and fauna and was once described by Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa. It offers spectacular scenery, a rich bird life and genuine encounters with people who are among the friendliest Africa. On a trip through this country seen in the ever-changing, world famous African savannah, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged and snow-covered mountains, rolling hills with picturesque villages and impressive fields, tea plantations, nestled like dark green carpets the landscape, dramatic volcanoes and numerous lakes. Uganda is to compare with any other African country. Its lush green vegetation, the offers terraced hills, beautiful mountains, vast plains, and a new panorama at every corner of Uganda really a little of everything.

Unique fauna such as the mountain gorillas, the giant forest hog and the extraordinary Shoebill Stork and villages of full of laughing, frantic children combine to create an unforgettable experience. Magnificent hiking trails through the scenic manifold mountain world in Uganda. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip and discover the small, secluded villages along the coast of the Lake of Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. Visit the source of the Nile, and feel the thrill on Africa’s biggest white water challenge! Watch hippos, crocodiles and Buffalo at a leisurely boat Safari in the Queen Elizabeth national park or stroll along the thunderous Murchison falls. Primate safaris to become a highlight of course gorillas or chimpanzees, which are available at the moment only in Uganda and Rwanda. All of this is Uganda. For the Discovery of Uganda and Rwanda is EDSA African safaris and tours the ideal partner.

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