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Returning Brother

by yudaica2013 ·

I was abobalhada, infuriating interior, paralizada, but with humildade I left of the room, I went up staircases and I was to search my material to return to the house. It was at this moment that some professors external (not nuns), of philosophy, of psychology had attacked me in the corridor and had said? It does not go, this does not go to be thus, we professors will demand an assembly and your sojourn will be voted. I was calmer well although to be led by the hand for the Prof. Of psico to its cabinet and to start to cut papers to calm me! Leaving from there to return the classroom, the Director grasped me for the nails in the corridor again, was then that surtei, I cried out with it I called it dull cow. From there, then to the afternoon I was to see Dr. Psychiatrist who already before takes care of to my brother in existencial crisis years, Claude Osrio is its name.

Everything gave certain thanks to mobilization of the faculty of the school, even so I had that to continue in the position of President of the Estudantil Bosom that started to have a room and that the key, after all he would be to the disposal as well as the mimegrafo and other necessary materials, the typewriter did not appear, continues editing first bulletins and making of the lessons of philosophy in house in the typewriter of my father. Ours how much I spoke to justify mine I occasion and ingression in universe PSI of body and soul! Laughs, the professor of Ren geography, that we called lint, with risinho ironic asked to me – you are histrica? What it did not give reply. This age pssimo master, did not pass substance, only smoked looking at window to the rejection, us exactly corrected the tests, it points notes and only made called, a chaos, this in the gymnasium Returning to my neurosis and astigmatism, I commented with my brother who would like to make vestibular contest for journalism, it five years older than I said I will go to die of hunger! I thought well with my buttons between my talentos existed the taste for the mathematical substance in which it took off the maximum note as well as in physics, and my aesthetic sense was and is sharpened, is libriana with ascendant in same pound and moon in capricrnio it keeps what me with well firm feet to the soil.