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Quality Equipment Bodyshop

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In our modern times, when all it is important to make fast, car – it is a way to solve many problems here prodiagnostiruyut, will repair, adjust and build all the components and systems in motor vehicles, and all this in the quickest time. But ordinary motorists and service stations owners are well aware that service quality car service in most cases depends on the equipment he has. Service station equipment is presented in such a huge degree of number of items that can be lost. Every service station can be equipped differently, depending on their specialization, so you should immediately determine what equipment and devices will be necessary, given the fact that all this can be divided into two large groups. Click Related Group for additional related pages. The first group represents all the necessary equipment for auto service, which is used continuously, for example, passenger, Bus and truck forklift truck tire mounting equipment, compressors, welding machines, presses, jacks, etc.

for the second group is more peculiar is the expensive equipment with a diverse range of functions and not frequently used equipment. Today, it is possible to easily find the equipment for service centers with the appropriate quality required purpose, in various price ranges and the country by the manufacturer (as domestic and overseas (Italy, China)). To guarantee the producers set the life of equipment and issue a certificate of quality. There is one 'golden' rule – 'quality – the basis for success', therefore, Autoservice quality and tire mounting equipment – is the key to successful service stations. The company will help you understand TehAvto you with all the subtleties that are associated with the choice of equipment for service centers, and provide your choice of everything you need – car lifts, tire mounting stands, stands diagnostic injection pump, compressor, slipways for straightening and straightening of car bodies, welding equipment and much more – at good prices.


MPa Coating

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The general characteristics of the process include: – the efficiency of 20-30% of the material – the speed of the coating from 0.2 to 0.8 kg / h – layer thickness from 100 microns to 50 mm – material of the substrate for the deposition – all metals and ceramics. The most common properties of the coatings include: – adhesion of 20 to 80 MPa, – a tensile strength from 50 to 120 MPa – porosity of 3-5% – Brinell hardness of 100-1600 MPa, – elongation of 1-2%. There are currently more than a dozen kinds of powder materials for coating based on aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, tin and lead. All of these powders can be applied in different modes and different nozzles. It is possible to get a wide variety of coating properties. Nevertheless, they are mainly characterized by the above common properties. Equipment can not be applied DIMET hard and wear-resistant coating.

Heat-resistant coatings provide protection up to 1000 1100oS. Electrical conductivity is on average 80-90% conductivity of the bulk material. The corrosion resistance depends on the characteristics of an aggressive environment. Uniqueness of the technology spray (also known as the specialists of "capacity" of the metal) is low temperatures falling to the substrate particles is not higher than the temperature of the engine car. In this case, interact with the solid substrate particles in the unmelted state, but have very high speed. Use of equipment DYMET has several advantages over traditional methods. These advantages are as follows: coating is applied in air at normal pressure, for any values of temperature and humidity of the air, with the coating is negligible thermal effect on the coated product, coating technology is environmentally friendly (No high temperature, radiation and hazardous gases, not chemically aggressive waste requiring special neutralization) does not need heating surface application, if there is no rust or scale on the product does not require special surface preparation, since the high particle flux cleans the surface of the technical dirt, oils, paints and activation of the crystal lattice of the material goods, because the flow of particles is highly directional and has a small cross section, in contrast to traditional gas-thermal spraying methods, we can apply coatings to the local (with clear boundaries) surface areas of products; possible to apply a multi-component coatings with varying content of components of its thickness, the equipment is compact, mobile and technically available for virtually every industrial enterprise can integrated into automated production lines, does not require highly skilled personnel for its operation, a simple change of technological regime allows mikroerozionnuyu (jet-abrasive) treatment surface for subsequent coatings or to achieve decorative effects, possibly causing different types of coatings by means of a single unit, as most models have two DYMET bulb under the powder; may be using equipment in the field.



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Can be used for making various structures of oil and gas engineering (Framework for kapleulavlivateley in oil separator, and the nozzle plate distillation columns, etc.). Steel AISI 409 has proven himself as a material stable in gases produced by burning various fuel. These environments may contain a product of the total (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen, etc.) and incomplete (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) combustion. Used for manufacturing enclosures and pipe systems, neutralization, recycling, recovery and discharge of exhaust gases. Here, The Spurs expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Sophisticated high-redox catalytic reactions and the presence of corrosive gas environments dictate indispensable ekonomnolegirovannoy use stainless steel AISI 409 as a structural material for the manufacture of exhaust systems, as well as for furnace and related equipment (exhaust duct, chimneys, etc.). Properties at elevated temperatures steel AISI 409 hardened by heat treatment and did not have good resistance to scaling up to 7000, while retaining their useful mechanical properties to the operating high temperatures. This steel has good resistance to oxidation at relatively high temperatures and retains high performance under conditions in which the carbon and manganese are not can be used.

Steel is classified as a 409 with occasional zharoostoykaya to 815 C and in continuous operation up to 700 C. However, the actual operating temperature depends on the operating environment. Steel AISI 409 is used only in oxidizing and neutral environments and can not be used in a reducing environment. Up to 5000 C is not observed a pronounced creep, but above this temperature mechanical properties rapidly degraded.


Ford Focus

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Clearance losses are minimal, and it is important if the car has low ground clearance. Here, for example, looks like installed crankcase Carbon for Ford Focus 2: Thanks, again, the possibility to give any form of fiberglass, the protection of Carbon maximizes save the engine from road dirt. For example, the Mazda 3, the defense sealed the entire engine bay: If the protection of water falls from above, it is poured through a special drain holes in well-defined points on defense. Furthermore, the protection Carbon has vents to blow the engine compartment, which allows to protect the engine from overheating in the summer heat. Besides all this, the designers it extremely easy to encryption Carbon . Installation of security carried out only in full-time openings body using the original fasteners. This not only allows you to quickly put the defense in any service station or even their own, no need something to drill, cut, etc. Protecting completely ready for installation, which takes 10 to 30 minutes depending on the model.

The way you protect not only convenient, but does not affect the warranty on a new car! Unfortunately, such protection is not sold in every city. In general, only in big cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Once again some of the advantages of the composite crankcase Carbon : High rigidity provides reliable protection not only housing but also the entire engine compartment in a frontal crash protection does not prevent the composite engine down care Composite crankcase remains silent in the car when driving composite crankcase does not rust.


Odometer Tank

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Before talking about errors in the calculations, we agree, that this method is not safe away, as towards the end of the experiment the fuel can result in the worst possible time traffic – and when overtaking, and when driving through a busy intersection during rush hours, etc. The consequences of this, as you might guess, very unpleasant. * Odometer – meter distance traveled by the vehicle, usually mounted on a single node, along with the speedometer. When calculating the operating costs of fuel by this method of measuring believe that the distance 46 liters of fuel consumed (this is the nominal volume of the tank). Here creeps error, we conclude, first, that there is some tolerance for manufacturing a fuel tank, resulting in volume Fuel tank can not: how different from the nominal, and secondly, stop the engine because of lack of fuel does not indicate that the tank is completely empty, since it is always a certain amount of fuel.

This is especially important if the car is stopped not on level ground, and for example, is on the rise, and thirdly, to get the true operating costs, mileage is not sufficient to eliminate accidents that affect fuel consumption and meeting the real road conditions (for example, traffic jams, etc.). The same error, perhaps even more inherent to the method of measurement of the canister, ie, when poured canister of fuel in the tank and measure the fuel consumption. How then to measure the operational cost of fuel? There are several ways.


Illustrations Wheel

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If not, or out of order – here is to estimate their capabilities and needs. Let’s look at the bottom of his landau – there certainly is a special emphasis area for the jack. If the ground is flat – fits any pickup, if the exotic – Ask Jack precisely to your car, just at the bottom of it you can not hang back. Should probably advise as transportable with a jack rombovy or its variant with an extended arm. When folded it is compact and easy to operation. Ask seller’s capacity jack – not the fact that you can not raise polutorotonnikom two tons, but the risk in such a case is not worth jack is better to pick up your car.

Q: I have repaired own car in the garage – what to choose? A: Hydraulics, and bottled. Recently Lynn Redgrave sought to clarify these questions. Vertical bottle jack is ideal for garage use by a fairly wide scope. Movable jack at available in the garage viewing hole is not so easy to use. So the bottle jack of 2-3 tons will close almost all needs. Q: What is the jack but carry with them? A: When it comes to changing a wheel in field conditions, the here is a minimal set of: Jack, jack handle (the rombovyh it often is optional), brace your size, collapsible wheeled emphasis (eg, shoe). All of the above should be fairly reliable, especially brace. In particular, the powder (with a silvery-white matte) siluminovy key, often coming into repair kits, it is better to replace the steel with a long or telescopic handle.

As Murphy’s Law Wheel never descends to the next station, tire changer, with the exception of malice employees of the station – there’s nothing worse than a broken brace on a deserted highway late at night. Another thing to keep in trunk – Bank of WD-40. This magic liquid has a huge number of useful properties, one of which, as applied to this situation is the ability to “release” the most zakorevshie and rusted connections. Take off wheel after a winter in some car models, it is simply impossible without a sledge hammer (and not always) without any noticeable yellow-blue bottles. There is such a thing as repairing a punctured wheel “lace” – for the automobile and tourism travel long distances may be useful. The kit consists of a rubber “cork”, special sewing and glue – in principle it is easy to find in the specialized trade. In conclusion, I wish the reader as possible use of the fact of what we just talked about. The car is still a means of transportation. You successful shopping!


Electric Turbocharger

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ALTERNATIVE FOR ATMOSPHERIC ENGINES buying a car, you first pay attention to safety and soundness, beauty and functionality, as well as power and torque. Maximum speed characteristics obtained by using more aerodynamic, can not help getting a quality speed on many cars. The classic way to improve speed is to use engine increased, which in turn increases fuel consumption and exhaust gas after many years of research, experts from Germany have developed a recognized throughout Europe and the available the idea of circulating the air with minimal costs. Source: Jorge Perez. A new and significantly effective, way to improve air injection into the engine, the company offers KAMANN using mini-turbines, installed in the intake system. Invented in Germany ELECTRIC TURBOCHARGER a mini-turbine electrical system forcing air into the hood. This setup increases the engine torque, which in turn turn, reduces fuel consumption, improves the quality of exhaust gases, reducing CO performance and prolonging the service life of catalysts, and improves the dynamic performance of the car in general, MORE POWER LESS WASTE GASES Most conventional internal combustion engines equipped with turbo for more power and good speed, consume less fuel and produce less exhaust gases and CO with increased productivity, compared with the same engine without a supercharger, or compressor.

All this gives the impression of a well in theory, in practice, develops a different situation. High Torque is often available to only a relatively narrow range of speeds. In particular, some turbo-diesel engines, there is a very poor indicator of acceleration, when in response to changes in of the gas pedal the engine needs some time to increase capacity and accelerate.


Chery Fora

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We are accustomed to the fact that goods produced in China are generally of poor quality. "Chinese" – a synonym for low-grade for most of the Russians. But lately, this stereotype is rooted in the past. An increasing number of high-quality products from major Chinese producers appears not only in Russia but also in the global market. Prominent representatives are the product of excellent quality cars of Cherry.

One of the important advantages of auto brand Chery is the availability of spare parts. Chery hundreds of thousands of machines sold worldwide, and the number of service centers is growing every year. On the demand of cars Chery and spare parts says, for example, that parts manufactured Chery Tigo not only in China but also in Japan and Europe. Availability of spare parts is determined not only many dealerships, but also the cost, which is considerably lower than the cost Spare parts for other cars. Favorite brand Chery Fora consumers different operational costs. Parts Chery Fora are low cost, even for the full range of spare parts Cherie.

The right choice spare parts for your car can be crucial to ensure driver safety and prolong the life of the car. Despite the low cost of spare parts for Chery, the market can be purchased several times cheaper than that often is a determining factor when choosing. But it is no secret that the "miser pays twice." Poor quality brake hoses lead to the failure of the braking system, forged timing belts – to overhaul the engine, etc. Wrong selection of body parts can not only lead to the impossibility of installing them, but also to the fact that the accident car owner may fall. Counterfeit glass is not as it should crumble into small pieces, and can seriously hurt the owner and passengers. To distinguish a fake from the original spare parts is often quite difficult. Determine the quality of the filter paper in the filters is very difficult, but low-quality filtering result reduce engine life. The ignition system can be damaged when using poor-quality candles. Fake cheap electrical lead to failures in work. To protect yourself from purchasing counterfeit parts, it is better to buy them from official dealers of Chery and service in special centers, which buy parts at wholesale Cherie official suppliers. Do not buy cheap today, so tomorrow we will pay exorbitant prices for repair machinery. A life and health are priceless to lose them because of the penny savings unacceptable.


Divorce Clients

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Virtual car wash I met once with his old friends. Conversation. Knowing me as an expert on cars, he naturally turned the conversation to his VAZ-2110. That, he says, went to the carburetor the car no problem knew. Traveled throughout Russia has never let down my car does not, and if it happened some damage to detail and I could fix myself, but here is where polezesh same injector! After one incident, I do fear for her somewhere to go. -What kind of case, I tell him. Yes, it was one adventure.

A lot of money and nerves of the cost. We went to the weekend at the cottage as a family. On the way stopped at a landing on need. Just got to go, the car stalled and will not start. I went and opened the hood, looked at the wires, injectors, sensors, and think: where to climb? I do not know, shut the hood and went on the road to vote.

Dragged us to the city to the nearest service center. Drove the car for inspection. Determined that the fuel pump refused. Replaced within an hour, and off we went, only this time back home. -Fuel pump, which you took the shot? – Interested. No, why should I failed. Well, Petrukha, lit servismeny you in full. Pump so suddenly can not die, although cases have been, but it is very rare. Most likely, when you pulled off the asphalt, some twig caught in the engine bay, pulled the sensor connector from the engine crankshaft and died here.