Ford Focus

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Clearance losses are minimal, and it is important if the car has low ground clearance. Here, for example, looks like installed crankcase Carbon for Ford Focus 2: Thanks, again, the possibility to give any form of fiberglass, the protection of Carbon maximizes save the engine from road dirt. For example, the Mazda 3, the defense sealed the entire engine bay: If the protection of water falls from above, it is poured through a special drain holes in well-defined points on defense. Furthermore, the protection Carbon has vents to blow the engine compartment, which allows to protect the engine from overheating in the summer heat. Besides all this, the designers it extremely easy to encryption Carbon . Installation of security carried out only in full-time openings body using the original fasteners. This not only allows you to quickly put the defense in any service station or even their own, no need something to drill, cut, etc. Protecting completely ready for installation, which takes 10 to 30 minutes depending on the model.

The way you protect not only convenient, but does not affect the warranty on a new car! Unfortunately, such protection is not sold in every city. In general, only in big cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Once again some of the advantages of the composite crankcase Carbon : High rigidity provides reliable protection not only housing but also the entire engine compartment in a frontal crash protection does not prevent the composite engine down care Composite crankcase remains silent in the car when driving composite crankcase does not rust.

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