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Dream of owning a house by the sea visited most of us. Traveling around the world, we inadvertently ask ourselves: 'I could live in this country? " After a dismal everyday life of Russian autumn or early spring, when the so-like heat and sun, we often just imagine the light filled the sea shore, caressing the body of sea waves. Of course, owning a home abroad for many seems a distant dream. In this case, few people can really imagine that the purchase home anywhere in Europe can be cheaper than at home. For example, a small apartment near the sea in one of the most popular resorts in Greece, , will cost from 40,000 euros. By purchasing a real estate, you can be confident of at any time to obtain a Schengen visa, which gives the right to travel across Europe, and if desired, and the opportunity to issue a residence permit and Greek citizenship. Benefits of Greece in the fact that there were still virgin, untouched places, even near the untwisted resorts you can find a quiet, serene retreat for family holidays and accommodation.

Evergreen forests, transparent sea, the wild beaches – all this can be at arm's length. Sense of security and serenity of life – that's what many are looking for is in Greece. At the same time, the ability to have fun and entertain the Greeks have no equal. To touch history, have a cup of coffee on the balcony of his house overlooking the Olympus – this is very simple. Property in Greece – the eternal values enshrined childhood dream to visit the country of myths and gods.


John Carpenter

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The ancient Britons had a similar festival known as Calan Gaeaf. In the Samhain was celebrated the end of the harvest season in the Celtic culture and was seen as the "Celtic New Year, which began with the dark season. The ancient Celts believed that the line joining this world with the Underworld narrowed with the advent of Samhain, perminitendo the spirits (both benevolent and malevolent) pass through. The family's ancestors were honored guests and while they were away harmful spirits. It is believed that the use of costumes and masks because of the need to ward off evil spirits. Its purpose was to adopt the appearance of an evil spirit to avoid being damaged.

In Scotland the spirits supplanted by young men wearing white face masks or painted black. Samhain was also a time to take stock of food supplies and livestock to prepare for winter. The fires also played an important role in the festivities. All other fires were extinguished and in every home was lit a fire in the fireplace. The bones of slaughtered animals are thrown into the fire is said that the party did not start mass held until 1921. That year was the first Halloween parade in Minnesota and then was followed by other states.

The party became a popular progressive in the following decades. The internationalization of Halloween came in the late '70s and early '80s thanks to movies and television series. In 1978, he premiered in the U.S. and worldwide Night of Halloween, John Carpenter, a movie set on the eve of All Saints which was a reference to horror films of series B, with countless sequels and imitations. Ada has Bausset expressed, a conclusion challenged by being alien to our traditions, but the relatively good side would be that children love to dress up, and that helps them become familiar with symbols and funeral doom.



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Any head of the organization sees that only if all its staff work enthusiastically, will emerge and benefit, income in decent quantities. To optimize corporate Unity has many options. Extremely expensive – it is to hire a specialist-Animator, which will come up with small tests and tournaments, plus plans for attacks on the environment throughout the entire company. Still on pay the employee the power to allocate a portion of the budget only reputable companies. And what do small businesses? The answer to the question is simple and straightforward.

Every man in the soul still yearns for the essence of “bread and circuses.” And if the notion of “Bread” may be trite chief monetary encourage staff, just “spectacle” provide an opportunity for all staff to get acquainted more closely with each other, and thus learn more effectively interact at once. In a similar way, a very simple way to provide a firm work – is to organize a collective celebration. Often holding celebrations may seem managing people difficult and expensive affair. In practice, does not need to rent a huge institution and arrange appointments. Any public holiday – this is primarily a great mood, and it really provide just, ordering wholesale balloons and decorated concrete office building. It creates a wonderful environment in the whole working day, enabling and productive work, just because an elevated state of mind, and communicate better with one another. Generally, employees in fact able to directly participate in the celebration of holidays. In any workplace there are creative person who can compose a couple of exciting events or scenes.

If the festival is to hold something like kapustnik toward the end of a weekday, then to his house servants and may even not want to go. Yes, and it is obvious that to work then everyone will come with heavy hunting. Of course, No festival without a present. In any company that stereotype really again send the service of union staff. After all, gift wrap wholesale purchased at once for the whole team able to hide under a special gifts with corporate logos, that not only guarantees the positive feelings, but also give a sense of pride in their home company. Holidays today – it’s not just an excuse to drink. Taking advantage of well-planned and carried out by the festivities actually create a real team spirit, with which every company will be prosperous without any problems.