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Rental Benefits

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Of course, today the margin on rental can be even greater than 100% of the total cost, so of course sublease – a very profitable business. But to call it a pure business is not always possible: it is most often at sublet landlords agree on a large number of reasons. First of all – a classic layout of shopping malls, which is designed for offices and shops with a large area. A tenant in a large square the search always difficult, which is why property owners willing to allow major tenants to sublease. Secondly, the sublease allows the tenant to provide the very short-term lease to small entrepreneurs, which is also not so easy to find the commercial property market. In addition to sublease tenant is in cases where he takes the square, so to speak, with a reserve, planning for the future to expand its business. Some, on the contrary, – take a timeout.

And to not to lose the advantageous location – rent it to sublease for a certain period, after which – back to their area. At the same time, surrender the premises in the sublease to a third party tenant may not always. To do this – you need special clause in his contract with the landlord, testifying to the fact that the latter allows it to do. If this item is not – then subleasing, in fact, be illegal, and conflict flares up immediately between the three parties: landlord, tenant and another tenant. Also, what should be allowed to sublease the owner of the premises, it must be registered and specify additional options: under what conditions it is possible, on what terms calculated, approximately what should be at the cost of real estate, etc.

Compliance with the above regulations are very important because if the tenant surrender the premises in the sublease, for example, the owner of competing with the neighboring Office of the entrepreneur, the latter will inevitably complain about the landlord. This will not only inconvenience the tenant, but also his tenant, which may even abandon the area. But, despite the fact that the sublease in most cases quite beneficial to both parties, is still not forget that it contains an element of mediation. Thus, in some cases, the sublessee is not granted the right to specify as a legal address data sublease, which becomes a huge disadvantage in this service. On the other hand for small businesses recently opened – it's the only chance to remove a small room in a shopping center or other place traversed.


Canarian Property

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A fairy tale and festivals are held here all year round and always collect a lot of guests, offering a taste local wine and enjoy this Canarian cuisine. A warm friendly and deliberation daily life makes Tenerife a cozy haven for all who come here. All of these benefits attract those who would like to purchase a property for Tenerife for a winter or summer vacation his family, land or commercial property for doing profitable business. Each year the citizens of different states to buy a large number of apartments, villas, houses, townhouses in the Canaries, as well as other types of properties in Tenerife. The newspapers mentioned Betty Reynolds not as a source, but as a related topic. This is evidenced by the active construction of housing on the island and a large number of agencies on sale of real estate. Buying Property Tenerife is a highly liquid investments in Spain, where you yourself will feel more than comfortable. This is enough explanation. Investing in property in Spain, you will live on with new standards of quality, guarantee that a favorable political situation of the country, guarantee security of your invested funds, a stable economic system and the inviolability of private property, a simple procedure buying property and obtaining a mortgage in Spain for foreigners and a high level of public safety.

Legislation Canaria Authority allows foreigners to establish and expand business in Spain. Given that the property in Tenerife are always in demand, resulting in house prices in the Canary Islands to grow 20% a year, you can be sure that if you want always sell their property with .S Given that prices in Canarian property still far below the European average, the investment in property in Tenerife is becoming more attractive and liquid, because they will grow until they reach the level of prices Real estate in Europe, in the resort areas of France, Italy or England. Another point that speaks in favor of home ownership in Spain – is that you can use a mortgage loan by installments of 35 to let.K just acquired one of the resorts in Spain real estate, you can take then out, and it will bring good income, or at least cover all the mortgage payment and maintenance imuschestva.I in this regard ownership of real estate on Tenerife, Canary Islands, the most profitable because of the preferential taxation and year-round high tourist season, which determines a steady demand for housing. Maybe someone will think about Spain as a country where they will learn from his children, as among the most appealing aspect of studying in Spain can be called a low cost of education, years of academic tradition and getting a pan-European diploma. If there is property in Tenerife can device your children in local schools. Many are involved with a simplified procedure for obtaining visas for Spain, since by Spanish law to all who have Property in Spain, as well as their families are guaranteed to provide a multiple of annual Schengen visa with the right to stay in Spain up to 6 months in godu. only provide Spanish Embassy documents certifying your ownership of real estate in Spain. And this – the "green light" to all countries in the Schengen Agreement during the whole year!



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Dream of owning a house by the sea visited most of us. Traveling around the world, we inadvertently ask ourselves: 'I could live in this country? " After a dismal everyday life of Russian autumn or early spring, when the so-like heat and sun, we often just imagine the light filled the sea shore, caressing the body of sea waves. Of course, owning a home abroad for many seems a distant dream. In this case, few people can really imagine that the purchase home anywhere in Europe can be cheaper than at home. For example, a small apartment near the sea in one of the most popular resorts in Greece, , will cost from 40,000 euros. By purchasing a real estate, you can be confident of at any time to obtain a Schengen visa, which gives the right to travel across Europe, and if desired, and the opportunity to issue a residence permit and Greek citizenship. Benefits of Greece in the fact that there were still virgin, untouched places, even near the untwisted resorts you can find a quiet, serene retreat for family holidays and accommodation.

Evergreen forests, transparent sea, the wild beaches – all this can be at arm's length. Sense of security and serenity of life – that's what many are looking for is in Greece. At the same time, the ability to have fun and entertain the Greeks have no equal. To touch history, have a cup of coffee on the balcony of his house overlooking the Olympus – this is very simple. Property in Greece – the eternal values enshrined childhood dream to visit the country of myths and gods.