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Dream of owning a house by the sea visited most of us. Traveling around the world, we inadvertently ask ourselves: 'I could live in this country? " After a dismal everyday life of Russian autumn or early spring, when the so-like heat and sun, we often just imagine the light filled the sea shore, caressing the body of sea waves. Of course, owning a home abroad for many seems a distant dream. In this case, few people can really imagine that the purchase home anywhere in Europe can be cheaper than at home. For example, a small apartment near the sea in one of the most popular resorts in Greece, , will cost from 40,000 euros. By purchasing a real estate, you can be confident of at any time to obtain a Schengen visa, which gives the right to travel across Europe, and if desired, and the opportunity to issue a residence permit and Greek citizenship. Benefits of Greece in the fact that there were still virgin, untouched places, even near the untwisted resorts you can find a quiet, serene retreat for family holidays and accommodation.

Evergreen forests, transparent sea, the wild beaches – all this can be at arm's length. Sense of security and serenity of life – that's what many are looking for is in Greece. At the same time, the ability to have fun and entertain the Greeks have no equal. To touch history, have a cup of coffee on the balcony of his house overlooking the Olympus – this is very simple. Property in Greece – the eternal values enshrined childhood dream to visit the country of myths and gods.


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