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John Carlos

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The notice was given by the choir director who was then Juan Carlos Medina’s son. To the knowledge of all was reading some letters that the former director made him come to the Father Eddy. In these letters insulting the Father, and of the congregation and people committed to pastoral. My wife and I already knew that person view, because before joining the choir and occasionally attending Mass at noon, we had been directing the choir. My surprise and admiration was the logic, I had no head that someone within the parish could express in that way a priest. That’s why my reflection leads me to think and ask: to what extent one can give or make a comment, critical of the events within our church? me is that there is no respect for those who receive Holy Orders, and already by being a person worthy of respect? After the trial ended, I went to John Carlos, former director on this, and told me many things about their behavior. If he wished he sang and directed the choir, and no one could sing.

Left the noon Mass without choir. What a pity that having both leadership and convening power has not felt able to use it for good, so much so that the day he resigned he left more than half of the choir. But time passed, and then returned with her choir, because according to him was his choir and not the service to the parish, and to disrupt everything relating to choirs in the parish since then felt entitled to participate in the main mass.


ABC Google

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Two large, Sony and Google, have joined to offer an alternative to the traditional channels. Reaches interactive TV from the hand of Google Inc. See more detailed opinions by reading what San Antonio Spurs offers on the topic.. along them Intel and Logitech put your two cents in this new visual experience, the union of traditional television with everything available on the Internet. Google TV landed in the United States a couple of years ago and now comes more renewed Mexico, Brazil and in mid-July to Europe. Spain will still have to wait a few months for a new quote in content, thousands of movies and TV shows for rent, enjoy games, music, in the U.S. the Google TV platform could strengthen not because he found the refusal of important chains of TV as CBS, ABC and NBC to assign rights for the retransmission of their productions.

Google TV and Sony sealed an agreement by which the new channel Finder come built-in on Sony TVs or on a STB (set top box) to connect to any TV. In addition, the STB is presented in a sleek black box that incorporates an intuitive remote control, retro illuminated, equipped with Querty keyboard, motion sensor and a traditional command, on the other side, which makes easier the access to different sites of contents (web design) will now have all the possibilities that Internet offers a large screen thanks to the connection to the network and Google Chrome. A whole series of applications like Youtube, Netfix and others, will facilitate access to audiovisual content via Google Play multiple services. Google is presented in his campaign with the slogan Google TV brings what you like from the web to your TV (web design). With the new channel can be save and organize your programs and channels Favorites, movies, series, music, photo albums, web sites, in addition to all Internet access from the browser. We hope that the problems at the beginning of his career have been exceeded. Logitech suffered large losses due to the large investment made in the first decoder, Revue, which manufactured for Google TV. The Executive Chairman of the firm said that Google TV was a great concept, but that the product was not mature at its launch. There are many voices which say that Google TV has not obtained the repercussion expected despite revisions and improvements to the product. Among the novelties offered by Google TV will be an Android Market, exclusive for the platform, which comes in addition to more than 150 applications of the system.It seems that new partners such as Vizio, LG, Samsung, Marvell and others want to join the definitive launch of Google TV.


Moscow Reptiles

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Every thing will be able to tell about the owner, describe it with any side, it depends on what is the thing. A man picks up his clothes according to their tastes, according to their own preferences and disposition. Some details emphasize the romance of man, his strengths, and in addition special features (conservative, etc.). This applies to certain items, we will find themselves, do anything or put on a thing, a lot of us can tell. Color, facial expressions.

I, for example, really like the interesting shoes. On my shoes, probably a lot we can say, and I love her dress. On shoes each person can say something. It is massive or flat-soled, with various additions. Every pair of shoes are exclusively one style of clothes with her or in combination with other styles, most importantly, that it did not look ridiculous.

High-heeled shoes not to wear with sports clothing and athletic shoes are not obuesh with a designer dress. Although fashion gives us surprises on a daily basis. Shoes Cossacks – a specific direction in footwear. Direction because the Cossacks were quite extraordinary performance of modern footwear. The Cossacks are male. People who prefer the Cossacks – strong a person, what the obstacles are not terrible. This is one of my favorite styles – a cowboy. Great option for both city streets and for problem. Cossacks possible shoe for jeans, denim wear generally preferred garment with fringes. Women's Cossacks can be worn under tunics, breeches, lightweight minidress. I love to wear cowboy incredibly Cossacks under light midi dress with sleeves, flashlights, a short leather jacket – is country music in its purest form. There are classic Cossacks, and even more versatile option – the Cossacks with a blunt nose. Reptiles are not only people but also the shoes! Reptiles – Excellent comfortable shoes, which, as they say, into the fire! They tend to be a powerful tractor sole, lace-up. Reptiles are high and ankle boots. Shoes reptiles resemble Gothic. This stylish version of the shoe that fits under clothing black. It is also the informal footwear, as well as the Cossacks. Not everyone will like them. Reptiles lived. Their shoes with jeans, sweaters. Shoes Cossacks – shoes with a fine specificity. Its not easy to find on the shelves. Because such options shoes better acquire the network. Shop from the manufacturer – the best that can be. Branded online stores reptiles from the manufacturer will offer you the best varieties of a particular shoe. Most 140 cases with delivery in Moscow will you choose exactly the model which will be like and are comfortable for you.