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Raja Pack

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The environmentally-friendly and cost-effective Machines guarantee the exchange of air between the air chambers an innovation that enhances not only the protection function, but at the same time saving time and money through an innovative air-cushion technology. Customers in a special 24-page engines prospectus, which can be requested free of charge via the Rajapack website find more clever packaging machines and systems. The decision for a solution sometimes difficult topic page postal packaging with such a variety of products. “Therefore four topic pages were introduced to facilitate the orientation in the catalog, support the customers in selecting the packaging appropriate for you: the strikingly designed double present as a theme Islands” including solutions for the packaging of bottles, tools for stress-free moving, as well as an extensive range of pallet capable corrugated cartons. A fourth theme island”is also dedicated to all mail packaging for direct marketing area in Raja Pack directly with Deutsche Post cooperates.

The remaining service guide, which is also an integral part of the catalogue also answered questions about delivery, payment or commitment to the environment by Raja Pack. Service on all channels the Rajapack site with special topic pages in addition to the printed catalogue helps you choose. So, the newly established RajBag shop offers, for example, over 400 different bags to package and present, while the RajBoutique dedicated to very tasteful gifts packaging. Tony Parker may not feel the same. And solutions for storage and handling, occupational safety and hygiene are at the heart of the RajPro shop. These topics are part of our customer service, which of course is to prevent anyone, simply call our service team if you have questions or to email us”, so Schonfeld.

Us, it is important that our customers can reach us at any time. “That’s why we offer services and consulting on all channels: off – and online, and some around the clock.” This also applies to the orders and payment of products: the latter can now also directly over Online payment be made. Who about the Browse in the catalog, the subject of packaging interested and looking for news, tips and suggestions will find packaging news page not only messages to the company, but also your own Raja blog since July on the Raja Pack. In it, employees from all areas of the company useful, amusing and sometimes even oddities from her life with packaging report. “Even here according to the motto: packaging is our life!” Rajapack r Pack GmbH is the German subsidiary of the international group of Raja. The French group offers a total 500,000 customers first-class solutions and numerous products for packaging and shipping. Five Logistics Centers allow with over 100,000 square metres of warehouse space, ordered goods within 24/48 hours in 11 European countries to provide. 820 employees, the Raja group generated an annual turnover of EUR 223 million in 2009. The current range is more than 9,000 innovative and best packaging solutions with an optimal price/performance ratio. The company, based in Birkenfeld attaches particular importance to its comprehensive customer service, commitment to environmental protection, as well as a professional wholesale service. Contact person for the press Katrin Hunger PR responsible phone 0180 / 5 306 307 fax 0180 / 5-306-308


Spirit And Life – The Online Magazine

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Astrology – esotericism – Tarot – health – lifestyle of the online magazine spirit & life is a project of spiritual for spiritually interested from the Westerwald/victory publishing. Founder and initiator of the spirit & life project is Stephanie Kirchner. Spirit & life offers a comprehensive and differentiated range of information about astrology, spirituality, mysticism and Tarot reader interested. The page lives of profound scrutinized and discussed. We attach special importance to combine tradition and culture with modernity. He was interested readers not just superficial details, but your own experience reports, informational life help and background information on the respective specialty of the spiritual author finds in the articles. The Oracle survey has a deep tradition.

It is used by many cultures and is to dismantle a hugely popular method on the one hand, the tension of a situation and to understand on the other hand the higher sense of self and to recognize. To the most popular media of the Oracle survey obviously heard the Cartomancy. Many psychics use the Lenormand, Kipper cards, sometimes even Skat cards. On our website you will find a Declaration and description to each individual card. These cards also Oracle – or charge cards is called. Tarot cards are more popular media for the future show. The most famous are the rider-Waite Tarot and the Crowley Tarot.

Andrea Kellinger from Upper Austria has written interesting articles for our spirit & life – page. Of course, we have a monthly horoscope updates of our top astrologer Stephanie Kirchner. Also, check out a year horoscope and a general astrological year horoscope, exclusively written for visitors to the Web site by you for each zodiac sign. On the website of spirit & life, there is a special section for the topic of health, alternative therapies and nutrition. Here, the visitor gets free info on many different areas. We have an interesting article by Kristie. She is Reiki, ThetHealer and ThetHealing teacher. Also, she makes movies that touch on social issues and have positive messages for the world. In her article, she describes a by you and evolved method that you want to show us how our thoughts affect our environment. The article explains explains a bit, like ThetHealing works. The article “The art of manifesting” was published here in the United States in a magazine.” It offers different theme evenings on: manifesting, money, relationships and the way of life. In the evenings of conversation it comes how negative beliefs hinder us in, to find the right partners; the journey to find; to realize our dreams. It comes that there are many negative beliefs around money. I’m talking about, how can these beliefs come and we change them for the better.” For esoteric service providers, our project is a good way of advertising. The spiritual editors and authors can themselves and their work on one apply known and exclusive platform. We publish articles about many different fields: clairvoyance, fortune telling, gems, aura soma, spirituality, Angels, karma… and much, much more.If you are interested and watch your ideas to our project, we are pleased your Stephanie Kirchner upon your request information at


All Information At Franchise Right Now In New Packaging

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On time at the beginning of the summer, information centre Gets a new robe: fresher, more original, yet just as informative franchise employees are constantly trying to offer something new to their readers directly. For this reason, the redesign of the website of the information centres was now, after a long time of makeover. Interested parties will find a wide range of information on the topics of franchising, business start-ups and self-employment here. The franchise glossary, for example, explains key concepts of independence easily understandable. Hear other arguments on the topic with george karfukel. In addition, General information on business financing, as well as a comprehensive list of available public funds can be found in another heading. The color scheme of the new Info Center has been designed that is the homepage of the company franchise direct (mainly in blue and orange held) and add the pages of information centres fit together and turns a coherent overall picture.

All the readers of the Info-Center-known categories were in the new layout taken over. The navigation has improved however in comparison to the “old” InfoCenter multiples, since all categories are now directly accessible by the landing page from. can be. Also, some additional categories have been added to provide yet a wider topic readers (such as expansion by franchising, international franchising”). “The articles in the category expansion through franchising” be released, correct himself deliberately on a category of entrepreneurs who are considering an expansion of their company and the franchising as a business model in question comes. Through the use of photos, the side compared to the “old” layout is both visually loosened up and on the other hand designed clearer for the reader. Karin Walker, i. A.


Tamada Banquet Organizer

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Toastmasters – the organizer of weddings, anniversaries, corporate banquet or event any event, whatever it was in essence, defines its organization and of course his able conduct, for which is appointed by the responsible or toastmaster. The lead customer defines the holiday and of course, as a rule, approved by the scenario of the festivities, which specifies the major and sustained action and who is involved. This helps to coordinate and with nothing to lose. Many of the questions in the course of the festival is able to solve only the leading toastmaster, who on a professional level, smooth out all rough edges, if they occur, will lead to a positive situation note and help you get a positive charge on the lead in the evening for all present to him. Professional services – leading the celebration, decided to use, given the moments that only a competent and professional clearly able to coordinate all the events taking place in such a short period of time. Especially with regard to celebrations such as weddings. Ordered toastmaster leading to the wedding, will help to foresee all the nuances and details of ongoing celebrations.

Will also help hire the video operator. It is so important that such holidays, historical events, like birthday. wedding, stayed on zavpechatleny memory. Of how professionals videographer, the quality of content depends on the footage and video hire operator without recommendation risky. The cultural program, which is the basis for any occasion, and it also toastmaster develops leading holiday brings not only entertainment, which can be involved as musicians and dancers for a wedding, but also includes carrying out creative contests Greeting speeches and the awards and prizes.

Saturated evening may evolve into the final stage, where the fireworks explosions, gathered to enjoy special effects, accompanied by musical additions. Involved in all this – leading toastmaster banquet, will help coordinate the public gathered to create a unique and festive mood that will be remembered for a long time everyone present at the festival. The company engaged organization of this kind of entertainment and celebrations will help you worthy to spend your holiday, where the leading professional toastmaster will provide you with all the services in the conduct of the celebrations, pre-approving the script. In weddings, you will undertake to organize a professional toastmaster leading to the wedding, the prices of all services are specified in advance of providing services. A corporate parties and related You will coordinate these events and fill meaningful and creative programs leading to a corporate banquet, which will surely satisfy all your wishes.


Quickly And Easily Design Decorate

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Wall stickers are modern. With the upbeat wall decals, interior design is a no-brainer. Easy, fast and inexpensive self-adhesive wall stickers without construction sites-like atmosphere on the wall can be brought. Especially the women cheer, is now in no time again but the annual remodeling story and the room sparkles in a new atmosphere. Fix and without dirt come the self-adhesive wall stickers on the wall.

The tattoos for the wall can be on any clean and smooth surface. Whether mirror, or glass surface, tile or wood doors, the stunningly beautiful wall motifs of Graz enchant every surface design. The empty wall spaces are visually enhanced by the wall stickers and must eke out a shadowy existence. Each room receives a distinctive and individual character. Graz design offers a wide selection wall motifs.

Sensual women and strong men, wild animals and delicate butterflies, exotic flowers and lovely fairies, one more beautiful than the other. For each design, the matching wall sticker can be found here. These are offered in various sizes and colors, so that the decals (stickers) adapt to the available space and the color prevailing in the room. Cheap prices, various payment options, and a huge selection of wall motifs make interesting design the online store of Graz. Description of the company Graz design offers a wide selection of wall stickers from all genres. The online shop offers its customers in new, attractive design with a clear menu navigation. Service is capitalized at Graz design: shipped within 24 hours of receipt of money, there is a personal advice, doctor and a professional gluing instructions are supplied free of charge. Even the desire motif must not remain a dream. 35 colors and up to six sizes are available. All wall decals are manufactured only fresh to order. No old stock is supplied here. The wall stickers be delivered free shipping. Be paid can safely and easily with PayPal and other payment options. Company contact: Graz design Paul Graz Wales route 12 27432 Bremervorde Tel: 047619264986 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Word child Wortkind Ursula Martens Katharina-GAL-Strasse 16 85356 Freising Tel: 08161-862767 E-Mail: Web: