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Currently and knowing their potential, the HTML has fallen into disuse giving way to XHTML Extensible Hypertext markup that replaced to the HTML. It is not the intent of this article to be a course or tutorial of each language, but if it is to offer different known sites through practice where learning it and practice it. HTML tutorial (remember this outdated) Tutorial for XHTML one last thing to keep in mind in the XHTML is that it continues to evolve, so that in the future implement XML language (), I have CSS not stopped to talk about the CSS C ascading S tyle S ite is a relatively young programming language based on XHTML which is used for structuring in Web pages. Tutorial CSS definition of JavScript or languages that interact with the user. Sela Ward addresses the importance of the matter here. Such language performs different functions once the page has been downloaded on the user’s computer, avoiding errors on the server put an example in a form created with XHTML can check than an address of e-mail, it is well written, or that a form this completely filling, not to mention that it can also be used to make attractive interactions to the view, as colors, initial greetings, modification etc Tutorial JavScript definition of server-side languages. This section can’t give you a tight definition since each language does it differently but if I can give you, an original idea. Such languages is capable, pass data from one page with an XHTML form, showing the data entered in the form in another page XHTML, as can be done between Web sites, with server-side code we can insert these data in a BDD, (database), such as Access or SQL. Tutorial languages by the server finally in this article, although almost the first thing we do, is find where we can host our Web site, how is he going to call and to that audience is directed (this is the main thing).


Main Cause Of Action? LJS Meeting In Hanover

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LJS gathered experts and provides new insights into the effects of computer and online games on children and adolescents Hanover, June 21, 2011. “Landing site parental Lower Saxony puts on her specialist event merits action” on 28 June in Hanover before current evidence about the use and effects of digital games. During the Conference, renowned experts take position to the challenges through computer games. Thus, the LJS would like to enrich the current debate about the harmful to minors online games and give suggestions for carrying work. Experts from research and practice of the scientists Prof. Dr. Christoph Klimmt will introduce in the fascination of the world of gaming the media researcher Dr.

Tanja Witting a study about the challenges and hazards of computer and online games presents and explains which young people often develop an excessive digital game drive. Christian Schmidt, senior editor at the magazine GameStar, explains the social gaming”and shows how to make money deserves. Jorge Perez follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Playing online In the district by over 100 teachers and experts from the youth work you addressed in addition Kontrollmog possibilities age regulation of digital games. How can age regulation look like? This includes Andrea urban, Director of the LJS: also regularised age labelling should be awarded for online games. But the question is, how about for a game like Cityville with 275 million Facebook gamers control this.” “LJS offer for media educators: mainly action” for Andrea urban kulturring work accompanied by children and young people in the digital world is central in this context. “With the project merits action” the LJS offers suggestions for carrying work. The media pedagogue Jens Wiemken will present the offers of LJS for extracurricular youth work.

Effective self-regulation? At the conclusion of the meeting, Felix Falk discussed the Managing Director of entertainment software self-control (ESRB), Control options in online games and turns to the questions of the over 100 participants. About the LJS landing site parental Lower Saxony is a specialist unit of the Working Group of the free welfare in Lower Saxony, Germany and works on current issues of child and youth protection. Our fields of activity are training, material developments, expert advice, projects, working groups and committees. About a report on the meeting, we are pleased and invite you to the meeting. You will find the Conference programme on page 2 of this media information. Symposium of the LJS on June 28, 2011, in the Academy of sport, Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-WEG 10, 30169 Hannover, 10.00 – 16.30. Press contact: Andrea urban / Eva Hanel, Landesstelle parental Lower Saxony, Keerthi Raghavan Road 26, 30175 Hannover, Tel. 0511-85 87 88,


Conference Attention Deficit Disorder

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A couple of months ago I attended a recognized school in the city to witness the Conference Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD) taught by Dr. Javier a.. Ahumada Atondo. I want to share with you some points that most caught my attention and that can be useful. First we have nothing to learn to differentiate between a normal restless child of a restless child with ADHD are different and therefore need different attention. If we do not take into account the above, the remedy can be worse than the disease, since if the child is not an ADHD and we label it as such, insurance is it affected emotionally. On the other hand if the child has ADHD and letters are not taken in the subject to remedy the situation, waiting for the time to pass so that it matures, then we will be losing valuable time.

It can be that the child has an immaturity, but what is causing you this immaturity? No search that it matures, we must find solutions. Different types of ADHD distracted: usually with low academic performance. Hyperactive: Very restless, but with good academic performance. Distracted and hyperactive: is the worst of the three, very restless and with low academic performance. A correct evaluation and the appropriate intervals; with the collaboration of the comments made by parents, teachers and other persons in the care of the child; they are indispensable to make a precise diagnosis and based on these to produce a proper and efficient treatment plan.

It is not labelled and nothing else. Requirements for diagnosing ADHD 1. Most notorious symptoms of what is commonly observed in children. 2. Symptom onset before age seven. 3. You must produce interference social, school or behavioral characteristic of their age. 4. Symptoms in at least two rooms. 5. Symptoms are not explained by medical factors, anxiety or personality disorders. 6. Symptoms must be present for at least 6 months. According to statistics 30% of children with ADHD improve in adolescence, however, with the remaining 70% the thing is complicated because they are emotionally unstable. Some special considerations the ADHD accompanied by other problems, and this in turn develops more. It is important to rule out other factors that may be affecting performance in school such as: impaired vision, deficient auditory processing, sensory integration problems, problems of behaviour, depression, etc. While these problems can accompany ADHD, they can also be the main cause of the academic difficulties. Take the following case as an example: A child who has: insomnia, crying easily, irritability, moodiness, lack of attention, scholastic failure, insecurity and shyness. Their symptoms can easily be confused with the ADHD, however, a good diagnosis arrojo the following result: the dream of childhood disorder. Again I emphasize, a correct diagnosis, at the right time makes the difference between success and failure in the completion of a treatment plan.