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People are undergoing a great inner emptiness. How to obtain the inner life? , that is something very personal, but one of the things is to connect itself with the nature, and we ourself; mentally to return to the origins. To remember that we human them are not owners of the planet and that exists other inhabitants, from simplest to most complex, to which we must respect; if what we want it is a coexistence in harmony and a sensible planet. And by on all the things to respect all type of existing life in the Earth. The eagerness of being able, of a group of enagenados humans, has caused who the nature is being attacked constant and progressively by inescrupulosas people.

They have not been put to think, that all alive being in this one planet depends on the natural balance and the nature depends on the care that we offer the same; and if they have thought not to it has mattered them. Day to day we see the ominous consequences that it has brought about the bad human behavior in the atmosphere. One of them is the greenhouse effect, the air pollution, defrostings, certain diseases by which it has taken the blame to some animal, being these innocents of all evil; and yes guilty man, for being a product of its experiments conscientiously, etc. Everything comes from our interior like the happiness. What is happiness? , it is to satisfy what wants our soul, is to be listened to, more is to purify the mind so that the answer is clearer. By means of the meditation we can get to obtain that balance so necessary to have total an inner and outer life. What is to meditate? , it is to concentrate itself in an object in a respiratory rate, etc.

The mind is concentrated in something high. Which is the difference between common of people and the yogi? The difference is in which the yogi or has obtained the inner knowledge and against a taboo, to a negative thought, she pays attention if she serves to him or no, she is going if it to harm or no, she is going if it to benefit or no. Here you will find articles of verified quality stops for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Computation, Entertainments, Languages, Painting and more.


Solar System

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In the same way, at the most the mass dilates and reaches volumes every time majors, so much more weak will be the gravitational force produced by a body determinado” The UNIVERSE IS CONTRACTED One of the slight knowledge on the origin of the universe is based on the notion of which universal him he is finite, and that its expansion did not continue for always. The universe would behave like a rocket whose speed is minor who the necessary one to flee from the Earth attraction. Its expansion of will make slow more and more, until it pauses. Which it will follow a contraction of the same JOSE ORLANDO MELO NARANJO 4 (Due to the gravity) at the outset very slow, but that wrath accelerating itself more and more, so that in the future very distant the conditions will be repeated of approximate way that were in the universe. Ours ” fase” of the universe it would end a Big-Crunch (great crujido or great implosion) According to the general theory of relativity, if the total densidad of the matter of the universe is sufficiently high, the universe is finite, situation that occurs actually.

If this scene describes with fidelity which will happen in the future, then the same can have happened in the past, and our Big-Bang could be the stage following to a stage of previous contraction. In this model, it is possible to imagine that the universe has always existed, and that has happened through infinite cycles of expansion and of contraction as a league that extends and compresses time and time again, interminably. FINAL CONPLEMENTOS Meteorites: are fragments formed by the Solar System by rock or metal, comes from asteroids, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Sometimes they hit and they leave sudden flights in different directions. These when they are very near the Earth are attracted by the gravity force. When the meteorites intercept to the Earth and they hurry when doing contact with our atmosphere ignite as a result of the friction.

Galaxies: The galaxies are enormous accumulations of stars, gases and dust. In the Universe there are hundreds of thousands of million. Each galaxy can be formed by hundreds of thousand of million stars and other stars. In center of the galaxies it is where more stars are concentrated. Each body of a galaxy moves because of the attraction of the other. Generally it has, in addition, a movement ampler than causes that all together one turns around the center.


Author System

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With Thread I shave successfully introduced in Spain the system of shaving with thread. We are pioneering in bringing to our country most natural and effective Eastern traditional techniques of beauty and now we introduce the cone-heard ones. The cone-heard ones are a system used during centuries in China to maintain the hygiene of the ears and to treat several auditory symptoms. The cone – heard they are a system simple, safe and effective to take care of the hygiene of the ear of natural form. It eliminates the earwax with the effect chimney. They work when the heat generated by the combustion of the cone penetrates delicately in the auricular channel softening the earwax extracting it by the effect chimney In addition stimulates the acupuncture points and revitalizes the circulation producing an pleasant sensation of well-being. The aspiration created in the base of the cone by the ascending hot air, favors the elimination of impurities, deposits and water residues of the auricular channel. In addition aid to restore the correct tension of the eardrum and to correct it bothers sensation of covered ears.

It favors the defenses of the ear and prevents the formation and excessive accumulation with earwax that can be the cause of numerous annoyances. From the first application the well-being sensation notices and a healthful relajante effect. The cone ones are a natural system for the hygiene of the ears can be repeated whichever times is needed. 15 minutes last. Besides cleaning indeed the ears it prevents many auditory upheavals like vertigos, covered whistles, imbalance, hummings, noises basic, ears, etc. The cones are indicated in adults, children and external people with prothesis acoustic. We in With Thread Shave, we offer natural and beneficial techniques of beauty for the health. As much the face shaving with thread, as the cones or candles for the ears, are two techniques that are very fashionable in NY in the USA.


Red Sea

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From the heart of Spain, Madrid is a city that get ready to astonish to the tourists who visit with his practically millenarian culture. She is famous in addition by his festive air and its vital nighttime activities that every year congregate to million people of all the ages. Its manifold and immense hotel capacity are adapted to the exigencies of each client. It is possible to find hotels of great quality and stops economic and familiar prices, pensions and comfortable Madrid shelters. To obtain that the traveller feels as in house is the objective of any lodging, by that reason in the city exists an enormous one and varied supply of services and comforts. Perhaps the Madrid shelters are the best alternative for those than they look for a warmer and sociable atmosphere, as well as the rural lodgings are possibly the election of the tourists who wish to coexist with the nature of the environs of the city. The Spanish capital account with an ample full billboard of opera spectacles, theater, flamenco or musical comedies.

It is complemented as well with festivales of music and dance that are realised in the summer and the autumn. The city of Madrid, famous for being one of the most animated of the world, with its tempting gastronomy, the purchase possibility that offers, and its frenetic nocturnal life constitutes one of the chosen destinies more at the time of vacacionar. For those travellers more audacious and prepared to submerge in a world of millenarian enigmas, Egypt agrees with the perfect destiny to enjoy during the vacations. Their archaeological rest and their famous pyramids, added to their old temples, Muslim do of this country one of most beautiful and visited churches and mosques of the world. Also the enchantment of the desert, their oases and legend are irresistible for any adventurous tourist who dreams about a Egypt trip. The impressive architecture, mainly developed in Cairo, as much in the houses as in the mosques, contributes great beauty to the landscape. Many of the people during their Egypt trip, besides visiting pyramids of Giza, main attractive of the country, wish to explore the fauna submarine that abounds in the Red Sea.

Their bottoms, rich in chorales, are overwhelmed with numerous aquatic species. During the excursions it is possible to observe turtles, fish crossbow and sprocket wheels. The spa of Sharm the Sheik is one of the exotic destinies of the Red Sea; the coralline reef and the beaches also are one of the main places to visit.