Gran Canaria

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Maspalomas lodges hundreds of hotels where to be able to enjoy its natural beauties as well as the most modern commercial, bath and complex centers of talasoterapia that also favors an incipient tourism of health. In the south-southwestern zone of the island they are possible practically to be found all the activities of leisure for the visitor – and residents like thematic and aquatic parks, botanical parks with hundreds of exotic and animal birds, centers of leisure nocturne, spectacles and live performances the predominant tourism are the German, Briton and the Scandinavian – coverall in winter, tourist high time in the islands. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Nevertheless little by little, the national tourism is knowing more and more the excellence tourist the island of Gran Canaria. But Gran Canaria is not only sun and beach. One of the majors resistances of the island, is the cosmopolitan and urban atmosphere of its capital in contrast to the towns of the interior, in which the time it seems to have stopped.

The center and north of the island offer the attractive majors for the practice of the rural tourism. To know its close landscapes the interior, predominantly green and humid in the slope North of the island, and much more barren in its South slope. In this zone exhuberantes palmerales in their great precipices abound. The senderismo it has also its better scenes here. La Paz and tranquillity of the small towns of the interior of the island like Tejeda, Artenara, Teror – where is the Basilica of the Pine, employer of the island is contagious for all visitors. A place also worthy to visit is the Precipice of Guayadeque where it will be possible to be tasted – like in other so many places of the island, the famous Popes wrinkled with canary gravy and the multiple varieties of cheese of the islands, like other typical Earth products. Besides all these attractive natural ones, Gran Canaria also offers an ample cultural repertoire.

The House Museum of Columbus – where it is possible to be known about the scale that the navigator made in the island way of the discovery of America, the Botanical Garden, historical districts d the capital; Vegueta and Triana, with its characteristic architecture of colonial style. The museum Elder of Science, the cathedral of Arucas, already named Basilica of the Pine in Teror This cultural supply also sees welcome by the great supply hotelkeeper of the island, and as complement commercial tens of centers and zones like Triana, the Wharf, the Sands in the capital; the commercial zone of the Mareta in Telde and towards the south-east of the island, the commercial zone of Neighbourhood. In short, all a series of attractive that makes of Gran Canaria a very special island, being always faithful to the expression of Fray Lesco; Gran Canaria, a Continent in Miniature. As it shows end of the reason of this affirmation is also worth to review, that in some invier to us can snow in the central zone of the island (on the 1,900 meters of height) and only one hour later we can be to the sun in the beach of Maspalomas to the side of its famous dunes. Without doubt this possibility that offers several microclimates of the island can be unique in the world. Audio-visual encyclopedia Linthor.


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