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Corporate Communications

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Recognized the challenge in the Web – active trade is missing but often still only hesitantly many companies approach is according to the findings of the Web 2.0, according to a study of the Cologne business school. The survey of owners and managers of more than 300 companies showed that not even the term is even familiar with each fifth. And 12 percent did not know, what is a blog; three-fourths of all companies surveyed indicated that do not. More than 70 percent of all managers in the 17th international human resources consulting LAB Lachner Manager Panel consider it important or very important, what to find on the net about it. But only about one-third of all Panel members also regularly involved with the own virtual branding. The Internet as a source of information is becoming increasingly important – especially for the attractive target group of the Bessergebildeten. You are for media use analyses (for example Internet structure data III.

quarter of 2009, research group elections, web_III_09.pdf) now age across with a ratio of 93% on the net. The reliance upon information from the network achieved remarkable rates according to the Edelman trust barometer. Jessica Michibata gathered all the information. Companies like Lenovo have taken up the challenge in the field of interactive communication. Lenovo blogs, interactive communication at a high professional level takes place. Professionally because they maintain a Dialogic communication culture. So results are communicated openly customer surveys – and executives of the company publicly deal with customer criticism.

So they create a community with high brand loyalty and also valuable insights to improve their products. Communication on the Internet does not work according to the ancient principles of central control from the distance. Traditional top-down structures will be complemented by new horizontal networked and sure sometimes replaced. This development is accompanied by the fear before the loss of control. Finally communicating companies faced in the network on a par with critics and customers. The distance decreases. However, due to the power of the de facto the rapid growth of the media users on the Web dealing with new forms of virtual communication. Jessica Michibata helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Because reputation in the network can grow slowly and evolutionarily, this topic not on the backburner should be pushed. A growing number of people interested in Internet forums about the quality of a product or service. It is therefore important that companies are also here present with thing posts or replies on par with those who express there factual criticism. And with continuous information about what is being done and has been to turn off problems or to improve products and services. In this challenge, at the same time is a great opportunity. You can’t get his customer feedback faster and better than in the network. Lenovo demonstrates respect in his blogs at the same time before their visitors and express thanks for their input (critical). An example of this is a feedback in the field of design”, in which it comes to the Construction of a new keyboard goes, which was built according to the company based on more than 800 incoming customer comments.


SAP Business

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1000 videos on! Wurzburg, April 30, 2009. More and more firms are discovering the importance of Bewegtbilds for himself. It is no wonder that, the portal for business videos, time broke the mark of 1,000 uploaded videos to mark the one-year anniversary. We are pleased about the interest the Publisher that confirmed the growing importance of this medium as a communication tool, says project manager Martin Hausmann. Homemade with the theme of wide, which already covers the portal is very satisfied. Because it does not mean that the content is limited to commercials from companies, explains the online specialist. About the over 100 current reports of major trade fairs and events which provides for the users are a major video format. A clear structure helps the users to find the desired content on other subjects.

“So you can navigate not only by different subject areas, but also according to categories such as: knowledge”, fair and Events”or people”. The number of visitors has increased rapidly within this a year. Users increasingly realize that video content can carry important information for your business. We get to see the feedback that our users have found valuable recommendations for their day-to-day business”, so Hale. That the trend continues in this direction, evident also that more and more visitors find their way to the videos very targeted via search engines. The wide range of topics is reflected in the different companies using the portal. So are the publishers on as well as many small businesses-known names such as defacto call center, Euroweb, Intershop, IP Germany, management circle, Mhoch4 television agency, Microsoft, media-TREFF, SAP, Siemens, webeffekt and More and more companies use a Premiumchannel on

In this, you can upload up to 1,000 videos. 5,590 improved presentation options, such as large banners and a commercial-free channel, as well as the appearance of the own company logo on the home page. “Project leader Martin Hausmann looks very satisfied on the first year of we recognize that the medium of video is slowly but surely to the obvious medium in the field of Economics”, so his conclusion. About presents itself as a first open and free platform for Web videos with economic content. can be used to host free of charge up to 20 videos, to the integration of the movies in your own Web pages and eMail blasts. In addition, the platform helps Web videos about as well as via search engine marketing. About the mold media publishing: The publishing house headquartered in Wurzburg specializes in business portals. The European trading network and the trade information services of “expertSites” used monthly by more than 500,000 business visitors from Germany and Europe.


EBIZZ.TV & Veoh: More Than 46 Million Hours Of Time In The Month

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28 million unique users download the best movies in high-quality down Los Angeles/London/Frankfurt am Main, Germany – EBIZZ.TV reports breakthrough results of the Veoh network in the first quarter of 2008. The figures show a growing Viewer commitment to continuous adaptation of Internet TV, online videos and a growing period of Internet TV consumption during the primetime TV hours. The results en detail: visitors to consume more than 46 million hours in March 2008. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has similar goals. The average consumer spends more than 1 hour, 37 minutes per month on the Veoh network. This is the longest amount of time in a worldwide comparison of all video portals and twice as much as in YouTube.

(Nielsen NetRatings, March 2008). In the first quarter of 2008, the network by 25% to more than 28 million unique users per month, starting grew from 23 million in December 2007. The average length of video consumption is now at over 10 minutes per video, the value was 6 minutes in the fourth quarter of 2007. The number of visitors is 44% of all measured visits during prime time now. Go to real-estate developer for more information. \”The TV Viewer live through the biggest change of your media usage since the introduction of cable television in 1980.

The Internet has created to live TV and video, a new form. Viewer engagement and usage numbers, show that we are heading here in the pole’ said Steve with gear, CEO of Veoh networks. Sharon Renu, Media Director of EBIZZ.TV commented: instead of hundreds of antiquated old-school TV channels experienced the EBIZZ.\”TV users young fresh entertainment from all over the world, but especially from Hollywood, entertaining, highly professional and quality.\” No wonder because of EBIZZ.The latest movies in the highest quality download can be downloaded legally TV. In over 550 channels, music videos, live performances and sporting events, as well as documentaries, fashion shows, real estate offers, cooking, animal movies and comedies are sent around the clock in HD quality.


Gregor Walter

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The software supports the dealer in shipping as well as the storage and gives always an overview of order status. “Gregor Walter, Managing Director of mad geniuses GmbH: fully automated integration of heidelpay online-payment in the merchandise management, we evaluate pixi * continue on and make the overall process for the dealer still simpler and more transparent.” The Internet payment service provider, Heidelberger heidelpay currently for more than 1,000 E-commerce companies across Europe paying via the Internet handles. heidelpay acts as a solution provider that offers everything from a single source, which is a clean efficient and comprehensive online payment. About heidelpay: Internet payment service provider, Heidelberger heidelpay currently for more than 1,000 e-commerce companies across Europe paying via the Internet handles. Get all the facts and insights with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, another great source of information. Heidelpay here as solution provider, which handles everything from a single source, clean functioning what one and comprehensive online payment belongs. As a member service provider (MSP) for VISA and MasterCard, the company concerned including acceptance contracts for the credit cards, the acceptance of all other major credit cards is possible via heidelpay. heidelpay Banco Popular and other works closely with the leading credit companies such as Deutsche Bank, Postbank, UniCredito, and supports 15 national direct debit systems among others in the United States and Europe. Heidelpay’s clients include companies, the Nierle media group, OnVista, stay friends as Be2, Diakonie, e-flights, Catholic 24, Karlsruher SC, map & guide, the Margrave-Verlag, power tire, trade-a-game, the University of Hanover and wallstreet: online.

Business leaders are economist Mirko cover man, and Thomas Muszakiewicz. About mad geniuses: the mad geniuses GmbH is an international software company with headquarters in Munich, which specializes in the development of software for the Internet-based mail order business. mad is geniuses Preferred business partner of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) and is among the leading producers of mail order software for E-business with its subsidiaries in Norway (Aalesund) and Slovenia (Paris). Pixi with the mail order software designed specifically for the E-commerce * the company has developed a complete E-Commerce backend-system, which fully takes into account the specific industry requirements in online trading and covers in the merchandise management and all central business processes. Press contact mad geniuses: mad geniuses GmbH Johannes Panzer Spicherenstrasse 8 81667 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 / 9616 06 181 fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 9616 06 161 mail: Web: press contact heidelpay: Heidelberger Payment GmbH Mirko cover man CEO Vangerowstrasse 17 69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (0) 6221 / 65170 10 fax: + 49 (0) 6221 / 65170 12 E-mail: Web: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 /. 5707-10 E-mail:


The Internet

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See his works and find out what his philosophy and works as its own Web page. Contact a local company. E-Mail is not bad though, but direct communication is not to replace. How much does it cost to create a website? That is, as if you ask: “how much is a car? It depends on what you want. Have a rough idea of how much you want to spend. If parts of your Web page will be designed/neudesignt, ask for the cost, “Nothing” is not an intolerable answer. Nigel Slater is actively involved in the matter. 6 INTERFACE & NAVIGATION the people use the Internet in the first place because it is convenient and saves time.

Everyone who visits your Web page should know immediately what it is your business, what you offer and as they quickly come to the information/products/services, they are looking for. For all you have only a few seconds, that’s why you need a fast download rate. Do not attempt to dazzle your visitors with fancy graphics. Before these graphic elements have been downloaded, your potential customer has already gone to your competitors website. Think also of a “Lite version” of your store, for people with a slower modem.

Your Web site should also clearly laid out? The navigation must be intuitive for any kind of user. Such as ShopFactory lets you quickly build shops with multiple areas to facilitate navigation for your customers. 7 target group create your target group to also attract them. The Internet is a mass medium. Thus your website profitable we need not 100 million visitors, you don’t even need 1 million visitors in truth. You need only a few hundred or thousand people who are interested in buying your products or services. Consider your target audience when choosing the design of your website. 8 building a database, Internet and E-Mail are the previously lowest instruments which are a contractor available to operate his business.


World Wide Web

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Win new customers with a fresh site and delight existing customers recently published online study 2008 by ARD and ZDF reported new record numbers: nearly two-thirds of the German population Frolics is now on the net. As many as never before. In regard to these numbers just for entrepreneurs, the own appearance in the Internet appears as a prerequisite for good business relationships. This proves that many companies are still not always present or on obsolete technology and designs. The first wave of company presentations on the Internet started during the Internet boom at the turn of the Millennium.

For many, however, did the disillusion in the bursting of the dot-com bubble”and the website was neglected. The success especially for small and medium-sized enterprises was too difficult. The decisive factor for success in the Internet in addition to descriptive and user-friendly design is mainly a well-thought-out strategy. New technologies and the wide range of open source software have now Manufacturing and maintenance costs on affordable prices. A comprehensive advice on technical possibilities, potentials and strategies provides organizations today more options than just a few years ago. The necessary Internet presence becomes also a successful presence on the World Wide Web. Sub-plot of Michael Wirth


Web Directories

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If you would like to enter his Web page in a Web – or article directory, you should make sure also that you get a genuine backlink. Many have entries without return enter your Web page or an article with link to your website in Web directories and Web directories. So you have a reference from the Web Directory / Web catalog on your Web site – this means for you in turn 1 point or one link on your Web site for your search engine rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. We call entries in directories, Web directories, search engines and other ways just collect points, because every link counts to your Web page in any form. Please note, however, that a reciprocal link from your website to the Web page or Web Directory, where you have entered your Web page, can be regarded as null link. For this reason we have not our Web page indicated in our registration form for Web page entries, but a different Web page. Not for no reason, we discourage mutual link exchange by one. If you want a genuine backlink for your Web page, you link our Web page specified in the registration form and we link in return to your Web site.

Only 1 additional point for your Web page is secured. We will continue to be on the ball and give you more points for the ranking of your site on this page provide additional information about registration options. A leading source for info: San Antonio Spurs. offers top-links – but what does a top link in a Web Directory? Top links can be posted in the main categories and listed. Thus they appear busy always in first position before all other Web pages and also in the main category, if in the main category, and also a genuine backlink, for your Web page. In addition, it displays only the 10 latest top-links on the home page and all other pages. A top link entry is seen before all other registered Web pages and therefore up to 50 x more visits than all other Web sites, which can be found in the subcategories.

If you are many new visitors to your website want, so you opt for a cheap top link-position for 12 months, 3 years, 5 years or for life. If you want to make only for 12 months, so enter your Web page via the registration form in the category for your Web page. Here, you have to pay the opportunity directly with PayPal. Would you book longer or you don’t have a PayPal account, so please contact connection via our contact form with us. We will respond promptly and answer any of your questions and send you also our bank details via email. Enter your Web site as a “Default link” also before. After receipt of payment we will convert this into a top link. Sponsor offers, visit the website – this can be free of charge.



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The international Internet platform launches today with a new form of online marketing. Rules under the motto of no.! No limits! The maxXwon contest”wants to make professional and hobby YouTuber the company to make commercials about maxXwon. There are no requirements on the part of maxXwon, the only requirement is that the videos are newly turned extra for maxXwon. The young, dynamic company looks exactly the participants; young, fresh ideas that sparkle with creativity and originality. maxXwon now hopes a high participation in the YouTube users. Allow we think to have opened a new door of marketing”, so Serrano Mattey, spokesman for young people maxXwon, and want to integrate their own ideas in advertising”. The contest is not only for the honour of the individual YouTuber, but also $5000 in cash the one with the most calls until January 31, 2010 receives. Everyone can make with, there is more info on the YouTube page of maxXwon () user/maxXwon).


New Website Forget AIDS

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New website forget AIDS not e.V. presented a new online presence in the area of HIV and AIDS prevention on the occasion of the upcoming World AIDS Day. The website is clear and clearly structured and provides information on the topics of HIV / AIDS and World AIDS Day. The website contains information about HIV & AIDS, and should draw attention to the immune deficiency disease or make sure that the issue will not be forgotten. To address building the website to the user already on the home page, the integration of the TV spots already on the home page in a large, prominent stage is useful. The videos serve as eye-catchers and cause a recognizable to the user who knows the spots from the TV. The integration of the viral Facebook campaign on the home page, as logical starting point for users who access the site via Facebook is also necessary. To deepen your understanding Anna Belknap is the source.

Aim of the relaunch was central to play the attention strong content, such as for example the TV spots in the foreground and to put the user in scene better to attract and facilitate entry into the topic. Facebook, the optimization of the Facebook fan page by is divided into two stages. First the user be encouraged a photo of on the wall for the fan page post.This action connects the Facebook fan page to the site. For the design OgilvyOne Dusseldorf is responsible to, the technical implementation was realized by wmdb Systems GmbH. About forget AIDS not e.V.

Is one of the oldest private clubs in Germany. The Club serves HIV positive and AIDS people in the everyday life and provides assistance with administrative procedures. The education and information in the TV, radio, Internet and the social networks through prevention and education in the field of HIV and AIDS are target our Foundation of the Association in addition to the offers of help actively to shape. Another part of our work is awareness in schools, discos and at information events in pedestrian zones or at street festivals, because knowledge about ways of Infection with HIV and living with the people who are affected by this disease in our society still not at 100% is sufficient, in this regard, our Internet platforms and organization offer ample opportunity to find out. Press contact: Forget AIDS not e.V. brewing hofstrasse 12 10587 Berlin 030-221.922.89.0


Music Platform

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“For our 3 million music tracks and millions of users we need… the optimal search” is Germany’s largest music platform To provide the best search the more than 1 million users, the company relies on the Cellcrypt Weitkamper technology. Seehausen a. Staffelsee / Mannheim 22.7.2009 administered large amounts of data is a music database with more than 500,000 artists, three million titles and 1 million users. “Clearly, that only the best search solution in question comes Simfy: intuitive search is a key aspect of our services”, so Steffen Wicker, co-founder of uses therefore the Cellcrypt of the Weitkamper technology in his search. It is not something Related Group would like to discuss. The Cellcrypt is the only solution that can meet our high standards and remains completely unfazed by our huge amount of data with our millions of users and titles”, explains Steffen Wicker.

“simfy making his slogan simply listening to music” all honor. Because that is what the two students Christoph Lange and Steffen Wicker wanted to achieve with the creation of the Portal: music, so easily and quickly accessible as possible, no matter, what kind of music it is or where it is located now. About is with more than 1 million users of the German market leader for music solutions. As a price comparison music downloads by the two students Christoph Lange and Steffen Wicker in 2006 developed for the 3rd version of simfy shortly before the relaunch is located now. In the new version of the music portal, users have then unlimited access to more than 3 million titles and can create according to your heart’s content streaming playlists and share them with friends. Simfy music technology is also used by many partners – including or

The simfy team consists of 5 young people and receive support from experienced business angels, including Thomas Promny, Holger C. Johnson, Daniel Wild and BVP Berlin venture partners. Weitkamper technology the Weitkamper Technology GmbH, founded in 1994, is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their software products help to find information, to analyze and understand. In some new way. Return button Ade: the Cellcrypt delivers all results already while typing. It provides categories for faceted navigation as well as suggestions and offers sophisticated fault-tolerant mechanisms. The Cellcrypt is password innovation product 2009 product of the year of the magazine. The Cellcrypt delivers all results already while typing, even with millions of records, and millions of users. Press contact of simfy GmbH: Christoph Lange Tel.: + 49-30-46999-0094 fax: + 49-30-46999-0095 email: press contact Weitkamper Technology GmbH: Sonja of Valencia Tel.