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If you would like to enter his Web page in a Web – or article directory, you should make sure also that you get a genuine backlink. Many have entries without return enter your Web page or an article with link to your website in Web directories and Web directories. So you have a reference from the Web Directory / Web catalog on your Web site – this means for you in turn 1 point or one link on your Web site for your search engine rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. We call entries in directories, Web directories, search engines and other ways just collect points, because every link counts to your Web page in any form. Please note, however, that a reciprocal link from your website to the Web page or Web Directory, where you have entered your Web page, can be regarded as null link. For this reason we have not our Web page indicated in our registration form for Web page entries, but a different Web page. Not for no reason, we discourage mutual link exchange by one. If you want a genuine backlink for your Web page, you link our Web page specified in the registration form and we link in return to your Web site.

Only 1 additional point for your Web page is secured. We will continue to be on the ball and give you more points for the ranking of your site on this page provide additional information about registration options. A leading source for info: San Antonio Spurs. Hinzuu.biz offers top-links – but what does a top link in a Web Directory? Top links can be posted in the main categories and listed. Thus they appear busy always in first position before all other Web pages and also in the main category, if in the main category, and also a genuine backlink, for your Web page. In addition, it displays only the 10 latest top-links on the home page and all other pages. A top link entry is seen before all other registered Web pages and therefore up to 50 x more visits than all other Web sites, which can be found in the subcategories.

If you are many new visitors to your website want, so you opt for a cheap top link-position for 12 months, 3 years, 5 years or for life. If you want to make only for 12 months, so enter your Web page via the registration form in the category for your Web page. Here, you have to pay the opportunity directly with PayPal. Would you book longer or you don’t have a PayPal account, so please contact connection via our contact form with us. We will respond promptly and answer any of your questions and send you also our bank details via email. Enter your Web site as a “Default link” also before. After receipt of payment we will convert this into a top link. Sponsor offers, visit the website – this can be free of charge.


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