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People are undergoing a great inner emptiness. How to obtain the inner life? , that is something very personal, but one of the things is to connect itself with the nature, and we ourself; mentally to return to the origins. To remember that we human them are not owners of the planet and that exists other inhabitants, from simplest to most complex, to which we must respect; if what we want it is a coexistence in harmony and a sensible planet. And by on all the things to respect all type of existing life in the Earth. The eagerness of being able, of a group of enagenados humans, has caused who the nature is being attacked constant and progressively by inescrupulosas people.

They have not been put to think, that all alive being in this one planet depends on the natural balance and the nature depends on the care that we offer the same; and if they have thought not to it has mattered them. Day to day we see the ominous consequences that it has brought about the bad human behavior in the atmosphere. One of them is the greenhouse effect, the air pollution, defrostings, certain diseases by which it has taken the blame to some animal, being these innocents of all evil; and yes guilty man, for being a product of its experiments conscientiously, etc. Everything comes from our interior like the happiness. What is happiness? , it is to satisfy what wants our soul, is to be listened to, more is to purify the mind so that the answer is clearer. By means of the meditation we can get to obtain that balance so necessary to have total an inner and outer life. What is to meditate? , it is to concentrate itself in an object in a respiratory rate, etc.

The mind is concentrated in something high. Which is the difference between common of people and the yogi? The difference is in which the yogi or has obtained the inner knowledge and against a taboo, to a negative thought, she pays attention if she serves to him or no, she is going if it to harm or no, she is going if it to benefit or no. Here you will find articles of verified quality stops for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Computation, Entertainments, Languages, Painting and more.


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