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Municipal Archaeological Museum

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In this layer material ceramic, consisting maioritariamente of fragmentos of construction material had been collected (roofing tile, vulgo of ' ' stocking-cana' '), and for fragmentos of vidrado ceramic material. Along with behind related it was collected, still, one I break up of tile and metallic material (one I nail), and a piece of burnt paper. All the materials if crono-culturalmente insert at Time Contemporary. The behind described layer has covered one second layer (UE 02), constituted of geologic substratum (granite). The archaeological structure? concavity excavated in the rock? it presents oval form.

Finished the intervention archaeological the presence of the IGESPAR was requested, through the Extension of the Interior Side, of form to the verification of the fulfilment of the measure of minimizao proposal. The visit to the place was become fullfilled in 02/06/2010, having been cultivated in minutes that the hollowing meets concluded, having itself disclosed inconclusiva in what it concerns to the functionality of the structure. The structure identified in the slope can correspond what subsiste of one mines Contemporary. Having in consideration the knowledge gaps that subsistiram the archaeological hollowing after a contact with the local City councils (Museum and Services of Archaeology of the City council of the Fundo), with sight to the complementary characterization of the structure through verbal sources was praised and registers. Having been efectuado the integral register of the structure it was agreed that, after the visit of the Technician of the Autarchy, the Workmanship could continue as initially foreseen. Learn more about this with Larry Culp. Encetaram the had contacts with the local Entities, having been carried through, in 07/06/2010, one visit to the place on the part of the Technician of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of the Fundo that, after the evaluation of the structure, they had related not to know parallels in the region, for what will not be able to contribute for the determination of its functionality.


Husni History

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Admiration for Carioca Tahia Great admirer of the lendria Carioca Tahia dancer, Fifi wants to produce a film on it. For this, it asked for to the Faisal producer Nothing that transformed the life of the dancer into a novel for television, in which will play the main role. The series will count the history of Tahia since the beginning, its trips for the world dancing, its relationships with innumerable figures of the world politician and the entertainment and as it finished its career resigning to the dance. In recent months, Jorge Perez has been very successful. Fifi always wanted to represent Tahia in the screen and decided to make it same it as a tribute to the lendria dancer, the heirs of Tahia had however threatened to process Fifi Abdo because of its project. Osama Husni al-Jiddawi, nephew of Tahia, threatened Fifi Abdo, saying that the inheritance and the memory of its aunt belong its family and nobody could use its history without permission. Fifi alleged that Tahia, granted permission to it before dying, but Osama denies to have knowledge on this subject. Acrecentou that passed the last days with its aunt and nothing were mentioned on any contract or agreement with Fifi. The actress Raja Jiddawi, niece of Tahia, affirmed that the family is not against the novel, but want to certify themselves of that history will be joust regarding the facts and of the great works made for its aunt.

It said not to import case Fifi Abdo or Nadia Al-Jundi interprets the paper. ' ' The thing most important is that it is a good work, that homages the great talent of mine tia' ' , it affirmed the actress. Raja concluded, saying that the thing most important is to show last the twenty and five years of the life of Tahia, into which if it transformed into one devoted Muslim one, remaining in house, reading the Coro and going Meca for the peregrination.


Northern Black Sea

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Now these hypotheses to be unfounded, that does not interfere with individual researchers to attempt to revive them. Referring to a remark by Strabo on joint actions of the Cimmerians and the Thracian tribe Tre'r in Asia Minor, many authors have identified with the Cimmerians Thracians. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anna Belknap. However, in contrast to the hypothesis on alliance, and not related Thracian-Cimmerian relations. The most common is the view of Iranian-lingual Cimmerians and, consequently, their similarity to this important ethnic group, with the Scythians. This hypothesis is based on the successful (but not undisputed) Iranian etymology of the names Cimmerian Kings.

Also believe that the Cimmerians – is not ethnonym and common name of value of "mobile unit". And, therefore, ethnic group, "Cimmerians" never existed. So, ostensibly, was called forward detachments of the Scythians (squad), to invade ancient Eastern nations. In other words, it is tribal name of a group of Scythian tribes, but no special designation doskifskogo population of the Northern Black Sea coast. Cimmerians – archaeological culture of Cimmerians with localization uncertainty generates . Intractable problems with the definition of them belonging to the archaeological culture. In Asia Minor, where the Cimmerians certainly lived – so far not found any abandoned their monument.

In the iconography (the Greek red-vases and some Near Eastern metal products) are more generalized images of nomads, rather than specific ethnic and cultural types. At one time was a very common view that belonged to the North Caucasian Cimmerians Koban culture. But now, on this hypothesis rejected, it seems, all researchers.



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The Christmas is a party world-wide known, is when the Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Not if he knows the origin of this date, only that the same one officially was created by Librio Pope, in the common year of 354 d.C. that in this date the people change gifts, to remember that the three magos kings – Belchior, Baltazar and Caspar – had offered to gifts for the boy Jesus after its birth. The practical one of if giving gifts represent this history, however Noel Papa is a mention to a Roman bishop, of the century V, ' ' They are Nicolau' ' , had to this to offer, in day 6 of December, donations – secretely – to the children of a very poor man. Therefore the day exists of Is Nicholas, who to the few was if fundindo with the natalino period.

Thus also the private friend appeared, as a form hidden of presentear the people, and also to place gifts underneath of the Christmas tree, without nobody knows of who is and it placed who them there. Some types of gifts exist, but it is good for being intent to the gostos of the people in hour to buy them.? Children are on the toys and exist a great variety of the same ones in the specialized store. She does not think that clothes or a shoe will go to please more the small ones of what the toys, this is a deceit and in such a way.? Young adolescent likes music very and a device it type ipood or mp3 will have great acceptance. The computer science articles, as games, also are good gifts, beyond clothes, shoes, tennis, accessories, perfumes, amongst others.? The women costumam to be more demanding, jewel parts are a total affability. Shoes and stock markets also are well accepted, beyond lingeries fine, perfumes and creams.? How the men are more practical, prefer objects that use day-by-day in its, as wallets, shoes, shirts, pants, perfumes, etc.? People of more advanced age nor always are easy to please. She is necessary to be well intent to the gostos of the same ones, but the best ones are products that can use every day. Perfumes, sabonetes, pyjamases and nightgowns they are good gifts, as well as a delicious fine bonbon box, if this will not have related problems of health to the same ones.? It can also be given to gifts for residences, offices or doctor’s offices, as much in dates special as inaugurations, as expontneamente and a good tip is the Manufato gifts ( in ceramics that as much can be decorative as useful in the day the day.? If it does not forget to exactly presentear the people who are part of its life, that of simple form, as its house servant, driver, doorman, caretaker, lixeiro, and others. The important one is that the date brings renewal, joy and peace for all.