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The government with the bank was in charge to improve the financial system, facilitating soft credits to the industralists to modernize his machineries and the country rose. By the same author: Sela Ward. A simple formula and perhaps efficient that if it had been adopted consequently by the others, today the political backward movement would not be lived that is ofuscando to the continent, where the majorities see in the centralism, protectionism and caudillismo the solution to their problems. The results of the mechanisms applied by the governing Populists of today will be seen in just a short time and they will not be nothing flattering, then they will wake up the masses of his lethargy and will ask that the neoliberalism prevails, the Capitalism of century 21 or what they decide to call to the system, that more wealth, happiness and well-being have generated in human history. To Pinochet it is not possible to be pardoned by the deaths of innocents. But one would not be due either to acquit to I castrate.

To both dictators it is necessary to judge them with the same twig. Pinochet at least had the dignity and the anger to leave the power and to be put under in national and international opinions. I never castrate had no of those merits. The dictators imprimieron different shades from their governments following their personality and ideology. But something had common all the regimes de facto of the right and it is that sooner or later they summoned to elections. To those of the left it was necessary to remove them to shots. One of the most common problems with the Latin American governors, is that they become addict to the power. They wish to be interminable and they look for like Chvez and Morales to change the laws to do it.

We are returning to a new form of caudillismo in democracy where vitorea people the authoritarian hand of inescrupulous leaders. The end of this adventure is going to be ominous because it will sink to many in the poverty and the generalized violence will be its corollary. He is then that Pinochet and other military who governed in the seventy, will be seen from a new perspective, that without raising them, will allow to include/understand them.


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