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In our modern times, when all it is important to make fast, car – it is a way to solve many problems here prodiagnostiruyut, will repair, adjust and build all the components and systems in motor vehicles, and all this in the quickest time. But ordinary motorists and service stations owners are well aware that service quality car service in most cases depends on the equipment he has. Service station equipment is presented in such a huge degree of number of items that can be lost. Every service station can be equipped differently, depending on their specialization, so you should immediately determine what equipment and devices will be necessary, given the fact that all this can be divided into two large groups. Click Related Group for additional related pages. The first group represents all the necessary equipment for auto service, which is used continuously, for example, passenger, Bus and truck forklift truck tire mounting equipment, compressors, welding machines, presses, jacks, etc.

for the second group is more peculiar is the expensive equipment with a diverse range of functions and not frequently used equipment. Today, it is possible to easily find the equipment for service centers with the appropriate quality required purpose, in various price ranges and the country by the manufacturer (as domestic and overseas (Italy, China)). To guarantee the producers set the life of equipment and issue a certificate of quality. There is one 'golden' rule – 'quality – the basis for success', therefore, Autoservice quality and tire mounting equipment – is the key to successful service stations. The company will help you understand TehAvto you with all the subtleties that are associated with the choice of equipment for service centers, and provide your choice of everything you need – car lifts, tire mounting stands, stands diagnostic injection pump, compressor, slipways for straightening and straightening of car bodies, welding equipment and much more – at good prices.

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