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Why marketing and sales metrics are so important. Who would like to realize continuous utilization and more sales with higher cover contributions must know exactly its critical marketing and sales metrics. This means that a contractor must be constantly striving, that following conditions be improved constantly: 1 advertising contacts with interested parties requests; 2. interested parties requests for counselling talks; 3.Telefonate to dates; 4. consultation services; 5. quotes to orders. Visit george karfukel for more clarity on the issue.

With these issues you identify your bottlenecks in the various stages of the marketing and sales process: 1. as the number of prospective customer requests is high on your advertising (newspaper advertisements, GoogleAdwords, homepage, flyers, mailings etc. per day, per week, per month)? Written documentation must be done here. 2. is a quick contact by telephone, E-Mail or letter in the daily practice, when a prospective buyer logs? 3. how many calls do you need to schedule an appointment to get? 4. If in Her company conducted a systematic written needs analysis at the initial consultation? 5. are your emotions and benefit-oriented and offer three alternatives? 5.

do you have a system for the long-term care of prospect? 6. have a system to active recommendations to get? You need informed answers on these questions, so that improvements can be carried out in place of the marketing and sales process. Why is the most promising target group such as a winning the lottery? An exact target group orientation is the most important strategic success factor. You can not afford to waste your forces (time and money) dispersed. Their products or services are not intended to be an abstract market, but always for people. A target group are people with the same desires, needs or problems. Only through dialogue with your target audience, you can expand your services to unrivalled excellence. With theoretical considerations on You will not find your most promising target group “green table”.

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