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Why marketing and sales metrics are so important. Who would like to realize continuous utilization and more sales with higher cover contributions must know exactly its critical marketing and sales metrics. This means that a contractor must be constantly striving, that following conditions be improved constantly: 1 advertising contacts with interested parties requests; 2. interested parties requests for counselling talks; 3.Telefonate to dates; 4. consultation services; 5. quotes to orders. Visit george karfukel for more clarity on the issue.

With these issues you identify your bottlenecks in the various stages of the marketing and sales process: 1. as the number of prospective customer requests is high on your advertising (newspaper advertisements, GoogleAdwords, homepage, flyers, mailings etc. per day, per week, per month)? Written documentation must be done here. 2. is a quick contact by telephone, E-Mail or letter in the daily practice, when a prospective buyer logs? 3. how many calls do you need to schedule an appointment to get? 4. If in Her company conducted a systematic written needs analysis at the initial consultation? 5. are your emotions and benefit-oriented and offer three alternatives? 5.

do you have a system for the long-term care of prospect? 6. have a system to active recommendations to get? You need informed answers on these questions, so that improvements can be carried out in place of the marketing and sales process. Why is the most promising target group such as a winning the lottery? An exact target group orientation is the most important strategic success factor. You can not afford to waste your forces (time and money) dispersed. Their products or services are not intended to be an abstract market, but always for people. A target group are people with the same desires, needs or problems. Only through dialogue with your target audience, you can expand your services to unrivalled excellence. With theoretical considerations on You will not find your most promising target group “green table”.


Architect Bill

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Many questions without proper account settlement of architectural services. Frequently questions arise in construction projects. A construction project is lengthy and complex, also many actors–including architects involved. So it may cause at the settlement of an architectural order, that a client can not estimate whether the Bill is appropriate. The case often happens at the beginning everything is discussed nicely and neatly, then creative work and finally it comes to the payment. The architect presented a Bill, more or less detailed. Unfortunately, not every Builder is a professional and can understand the technical language of the architects. Therefore there are lookup to settle an obligation for architects.

This obligation arises directly from the HOAI (fee schedule for Architects). Says so in 15 ABS. 1 HOAI literally “the Honoorar is payable if the power obtained and presented an auditable final invoice.” Here are clearly two basic requirements: the output must be removed and a verifiable Bill is to pass. Now the question is, what should be such a Bill to the content? According to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, these are: the performance image the fee zone of the rate chargeable costs services under certain circumstances a distinction for services not rendered percentages may fee charges pass of the VAT if already received advance payments paid, with the principal to be enable this content, to check an invoice. Just an ordinary Bill leads to a qualification of architect his fee to request. An auditable final invoice has advantages but also for the architect, he works, neat and clear because no misunderstanding about jobs and his Honrar will then be charged as soon as he presented the Bill, what is within its power. As a result, there should be two parties – clients and architects on a testable statement. This article was written by: lawyer Alan Kashlan (LL.M.).


The Risk

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Herein lies the problem already: because no repayments occur over a long period, the interest payments are quite high and the additional deposits in the savings in addition increases the monthly load. Who are suitable for mortgages without equity? The above ways to sum up ultimately a major problem: the equity capital loose financing requires a high monthly load for amortization and interest payments. As there except the real estate itself usually no additional collateral, the Bank collects appropriate risk premiums. Reduce the risk for example through community inclusion of financing can be: yet another family member or a guarantor to provide is, for example, in addition to the (married) partner offers can be far cheaper. Movie star has many thoughts on the issue. In addition he should Borrowers have a sufficiently high and largely safe, regular income, the relatively high load can safely carry. These conditions do not exist even the completion of full financing for the current Zinstiefststanden not worth it. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. There here alternative ways of securing favorable interest conditions for the future, for example with a forward’s loan.

However, a sufficient income is or / and available, the conclusion of a full funding at this stage can be worth more collateral: a few percentage points difference in the interest rates can make out many thousand euros at the relatively high loan amounts. Especially, if the property is already found, but is actually insufficient equity capital available, the fulfilment of the condition should be checked. Conclusion mortgages without equity are exposed as such with existing capital greater risk. Currently offer but due to very low Construction interest savings opportunities in real estate financing. Who has not recommended equity, can therefore check whether is worth a full funding for it. Meet the prerequisites (position additional collateral or an existing high and secure income), such a Variant can be quite attractive. The request could be realized then very quickly after the own real estate. However, the rash action without second thought should be avoided. Must more information mortgages without equity – what be respected? Full financing – tailored by the independent broker of construction financing