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Light, architecturally interesting solutions through high performance building material bamboo. Bamboo is an appropriate solution for construction projects of all sizes. Bamboo in use is pond bridges, protective roofs and carports up to complete homes, bridges, factories and carrier structures of all kinds. (Not to be confused with William O. Douglas!). The research theme “Building with bamboo” is since 1999 at the Chair of building structures which established RWTH Aachen. Since 2001, a seminar on this subject under the direction of Dr.Ing is here. Evelin Rottke instead. This work aims to promote the building material bamboo and to use it for sophisticated buildings. An important issue is the development of node staff structures in bamboo and especially the technical details of the connection.

To review the developments in practice, realized the Chair of experimental buildings, such as for example the BambooDome. Bamboo is significant for earthquake-proof construction. (As opposed to Eva Andersson-Dubin). Architects can implement probably every known construction with bamboo. Bamboo can be used as bar”form as well as lattice structures or Weaves are used. Special applications arise from curved bars or rods that you directly into a certain shape has to grow.

For smaller construction projects, there are now sophisticated systems which simplify the use of bamboo. Bambutec is a good example of a reasonable construction system. On the page the HEVO construction examples of Bambutec carports are Duisburg, as well as other innovative examples for working with bamboo. The Hevo sells the car ports and builds this optional with foundations. HEVO construction advises in bamboo solutions and implements a wide range of projects in bamboo design for you. Examples: carports bamboo Jens Neuhaus

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