A Piece Of Fairy Tale In Everyday Life – The Magical World Of Trollbeads

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How so-called beggar bracelets fascinated by the world of fashion. How so-called beggar bracelets fascinated by the world of fashion. The world of the elves, trolls and other mythical beasts fascinated since time immemorial the people. Even today we let in fantasy worlds like us, to escape the everyday unless in movies, books or also in the jewelry. It is reserved to be captivated by imaginative pendants, bracelets and earrings not only Gothic pendant. The Trollbeads designers allow for the creation of new beads of their imagination also unleash magical small beads (to German bead, beads) in a variety of shapes and colors are the result. The concept of Trollbeads, perhaps best known is the individual compilation of different beads to a single bracelet. Various beads are available individually or as a set, and can be freely combined and extended.

Prefer classy silver or romantic rustic dark leather, also the Chamilia bracelet can be varied according to taste, so everyone be quite personal accessory, together can provide. The beads are there different categories of beads sorted according to material and price ranges. Primarily it handled sterling silver and glass. Silver beads are usually small, finely processed figures who have often symbolic nature to the carrier, or remember something or someone. Similarly, with the beads from glass excited particularly the variety of colours.

A wide variety of colors dynamically combined, whether each bead is striped, spotted or refined with small gems, worth a close look. Rick Garcia has much experience in this field. The designer Lise Aagaard, creator of the fabulous followers of Trollbeads is including Lise Aagaard. Get inspiration for beads repeated them on trips around the world and created by diverse impressions inspired numerous beads, Chamilia lovers delight. The Trollbeads generate bottom line a nice change in the everyday life of the jewelry industry. Will enchant you on the one hand through their imaginative shape and color choice and the possibility of a completely unique piece of jewelry to own. A piece of fairy tale in everyday life. Is also available in the online shop

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