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Adults are often faced with the fact that a child refuses to do what is asked, for example, washing hands before eating, eat up mess A child does not like to do what is necessary. Try to look at the world through his eyes – he loves to play. We may owe “beat”, forcing and forcing him, for example, brush your teeth, spend a lot of personal energy and effort in the end, you can achieve the desired, but what’s valuable? Have you noticed that children are very reckless? So use it! There is a very simple and reliable way. We all remember that children love to play. Try to apply this feature of their lives in daily life. The result did not take long, only slightly things around him, appears, for example, muzzle Lion King or Little Mermaid gentle person, a young mule changes his attitude towards routine and happily cleans teeth, washes his hands, learning to write. The child is not difficult to be tamed neat, it all depends on how you apply it. Better as fun.

Let hygiene items are transformed into mythical figures. All of these brushes for clothes, nails and fingers, soap holders, foam, soap, washcloths immediately begin infectiously laugh – only to disappear them sterile – instructive! A child enjoys the game and from what used to be considered tedious affair is starting to get fun. Related Group insists that this is the case. You can go to the trick and come up with such a move – do toy with the “double bottom”. For example, we reveal the figure, as a doll, and inside – bath foam. The child will try to quickly use it (and thus, cleaner wash). That girls did not make particularly frequent raids on the mother’s mirror with expensive cosmetics, and still be well-groomed young ladies were taught, they need special women’s trivia: combs, mirrors, soap dishes with an image, such as Barbie.

Strange, but we have young ladies are not obsessed with the idea of life, in all similar to this beauty: Jewelry like Barbie, does not enjoy the mind bending demand, as in Europe. But nakrasili, “like a mother” sooner or later wish all the girls. Here then will come, by the way, children’s lipstick and nail nails (good quality, children’s cosmetics easily washed off with water and bring no harm, getting in his mouth). And children love to have secrets, to which no parents would get. For example, secret diary, which my mother just did not read. If you give your child an organizer, which can be locked (and promise the child that the key will be to dispose of only one), it is very reinforce his confidence in adults. After all, it would mean that it considered. As make a child more quickly eat up oatmeal? Very simple. Let pave painted on acrylic plate pretty attractive face of his favorite cartoon – for example, 101 of Dalmatians. But over tea, your child may, on the contrary, overstay: if the tea is poured into a cup-puzzle, it will be carried away by drawing pictures – scenes from the movie. Love lives inside of us, but it must sometimes materialize. This is especially important for the child because he meets the world through objects, and let things remind him of that. That he loves – the sweet heart of his tales.


Arctic Circle

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Cool after all! Dog sledding. Let the "Formula 1" is resting! Sled huskies develop rapid rate. Three hours of racing on the snow hills – entertainment, worthy of only the most courageous. And in the final – part in the ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Bring home a commemorative diploma of this unforgettable event and photography: You with ruddy-cheeked from the cold and flushed on the background of the sign "Arctic Circle". These photos made into frames and boldly giving relatives and friends on New Year's! Leaving the Santa Park, glancing at Christmas clock – in a fantastic park oh how time flies fast! Thus, the pre-Christmas mood created.

Now it's time to make costumes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Boring to wear a something that already put the last few years. So, create costumes for themselves and their loved ones! If the time before the holiday, there are very little you can do a fun mask. Now, think about the tree. Each year, want to be on Christmas tree there are new accessories. The choice of Christmas tree decorations are just huge! Buy, how to design their Christmas trees and gifts for friends: balls, decorated with silver and gold baby, balloons with ribbons sequins and beads, Christmas tree shaped toys, snowmen, Santa Clauses, bears, deer and hares. And yet – the tinsel and beads for the tree. Speaking candidly comedian told us the story.

A good gift would be exclusive handmade toys. New decor elements like use and decoration. To do this, buy pine wreaths, bunches of balloons and bells, colorful garland with led lamps and sculpted attachments – snowflakes, knobs, stars, Christmas trees, balls and cubes, hanging decorations for the ceiling, bright ornaments of lamin windows, musical Christmas toys and gifts with the symbol of the year, decorative candles Enough? 🙂 All this will create a wonderful atmosphere of holiday and tale. Together with their children prepare for their Christmas tree ornaments, created their own hands: they will make a Christmas tree with family, friends and unforgettable. New Year's Eve, a holiday that fills the souls of men dream about the future happiness and hopes for all best. With bated breath we wait for the main character of the New Year – Santa Claus, believe in the fulfillment of desires and they really come true! If you prepare for him to start on November 18 at the birthday of Santa Claus:)