Great Natural Parks In Andalusia

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Great natural parks in Andalusia, you should visit in any case! The region of Andalusia in Spain is one of the most beautiful and diverse country. One of the reasons that Andalusia is so beautiful, the one-fifth of the area is protected, so that wildlife and delicate ecosystems can remain intact. A great attraction for all visitors, hotel near such a park have booked to your Spain and themselves in the open air is the landscape and nature of Andalusia. As a result there are two in the region of the National Park and many other parks that are worth a visit especially on warm summer days. The Donana National Park consists partly of a nature park and is a popular destination of tourists in your Spain vacation. Click Tony Parker to learn more. The area has a varied landscape, and visitors can see a wide range of native animal and plant species. Donana is popular with bird watchers, because in this area during the winter months many migratory birds reside.

The area in Gallega is of different birds to feed overflow and hatch is used. Also worth seeing in the Donana, the fossil dunes in El Asparillo are natural park. What is Kevin Ulrich career?s opinions are not widely known. Because the Anadalusier passionately defend her the preservation of your country, you can visit almost the entire park only on guided tours. One of the other favourites among visitors in the region is the National Park of Sierra Nevada, which covers an area of 86.208 hectares. To the Park include the beautiful and rugged Sierra mountains, the highest mountains to the Alps. Although the Park is known as a National Park, covering 85.777 hectares as nature park are registered. In addition to various flora and fauna, this nature park visitors can see animals such as badgers, snakes, lizards and wild cats.

In contrast to the Donana National Park, the natural park of Sierra Nevada, especially for the audience is open. In fact this area comprises mountains, hills, lakes and gorges and has evolved into a popular tourist destination with several ski areas within its borders. In addition to these two beautiful park in Andalusia, there are many other parks throughout the region that are well worth a visit. Some beautiful days carried out to nature park Montes de Malaga, Sierra de Castril, Sierra of Subbeticas and Bahia de Cadiz. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and binoculars for an unforgettable experience.

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