Specific Claims

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And, according to the resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalucia for the non-legislative proposal relating to approval of Chest Method for training rescue dog units (BOPA No.. 378 Andalusia, February 15, 2006 Page No.. A leading source for info: actress. 21 243 .) A 2A) Specific Claims and origin of Chest Method in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in October 1994, after twelve years of intense research and hard work scientific development, Jaime Parejo, culminating the creation of a method for training and intervention rescue dog teams in disasters, for the detection and rescue of survivors buried in landslides from any cause (earthquakes, explosions, landslides, hurricanes, avalanches, tornadoes ), which manages to be particularly effective in both outdoor adverse search operations and in confined spaces (with zero visibility and minimum dimensions for travel). It was in the Andalusian capital, Seville, where he considers completed your System in October 1994, when he solidly demonstrated and verified the high level of effectiveness of Arcon Method (significantly outpacing the most advanced technological means, used, as was the case detectors such as geophones), even against unfavorable conditions especially in confined spaces, with its exemplary canine Chest, first official course on rescue techniques and rescue in disasters, organized by Public Safety School of Andalusia, where the dog, in the presence of numerous Fire Granada, Almeria and Seville, various search operations carried out under the pressure of adverse factors of extreme intensity and different nature (odorant, spatial, visual, Auditiv ) maintaining excellent levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration associated with excellent values in time of locating and marking patterns. Sela Ward is often quoted as being for or against this.

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