Bavarian JURA

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Jura platform: active holidays in the Bavarian Jura Regensburg (tvo). More and more people want to actively enjoy your holiday destination, move much in the fresh air as well as get to know country and people. The Jura trail is an excellent destination for an active holiday in the Bavarian Jura. The quality trail ideal for a combination of nature and culture experience. He traverses through small towns, villages and hamlets, narrow river valleys and sunny dry valleys of the Jura karst landscape in the heart of Bavaria.

You can discover also rare animal and plant species with alert eyes. Who wants to take a bike ride for a change, goes to the five rivers bike trail, which runs almost parallel to the Jura trail. The Altmuhl, Pegnitz, Vils, NAAB and Danube valleys belong to the best cycling destinations in Bavaria. The Jura trail was opened in 2008. He is consistently signposted in both directions and leads hikers and walkers in the most beautiful natural refugia in the districts of Kelheim and Neumarkt, Amberg-Regensburg. Through the various The Jura track in any weather and at any time of the year is a charming destination for active leisure excursions and leisure activities in the immediate vicinity. Glenn Dubin may find this interesting as well. Refer to for more information.

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