Weddings In Venice

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Might look like a wedding in Venice, or a symbolic wedding ceremony in Venice? Of course, the most romantic way. We offer you the preliminary program or symbolic wedding wedding ceremony in Venice. The program of the ceremony: In advance of preparing all the documents by booking one of our recommended hotels, you arrive in Venice. The hotel has already met with both honeymooners – flowers on arrival, champagne, fruit and cheese in the room, as if you have been waiting for-ever. Day 1. Preparatory. The choice of outfits for the holiday for the bride and groom.

Dress and costume rented and are selected by your taste. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City by clicking through. We recommend to use the services professional who will be for you as a translator in such an important and a consultant on the Venetian tradition costume. On the same day you choose wedding rings, stipulates bouquets and flowers, as well as all additional conditions during the ceremony. We recommend you to invite a hairdresser directly to the hotel, the very day of the wedding ceremony, however, specify the hair and all other services, preferably in advance. In any event, visit Dresser for creating masterpiece hairstyles can and eve event. That same evening Your room will embellished flowers balls and all other festive attributes celebration. Day 2. Momentous.

After all preparation, takes you to the gondola from the hotel and driven through the channels in the Palazzo Contarini dalla Porta di Ferro or Palazzetto Pisani or in Scuola Grande dei Carmini (Palazzo choice is made in advance). The musical accompaniment in the form of romantic songs gondolier, which is considered a business Valentine's card in Venice, accompanies you on the road. Upon arrival at the flowers decorated Palazzo, you will find a colorful performance, professional actors performed the ceremony celebration, which accompany the musicians in historical Venetian costume of the XVIII century. After the ceremony a wedding gondola rolls to you from the Palazzo St. Mark's Square with music gondoliers. At St. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue. Mark's Square you will find an easy cocktail, and then, well wedding gondola takes you straight to a wedding dinner in a restaurant selected earlier, or else drive you to your hotel so you can continue to prepare for the evening feast. In this case, the gondolier will be waiting for you agreed time and deliver on the evening in your restaurant in Venice, where everything will once again be reminded of that wonderful day today. The whole day will be captured on video, the hotel will bring you to the photos and then will be remember about that day. Day 3. Rest. Now you can enjoy plenty of looking at a photo, rest and preparation of further plans. Venice awaits you. Note: Please note that the procedure of registration of travel, including discussion of the details of the ceremony and booking should be carried out at least 1.5 months before the date of the ceremony. After the ceremony, receive a certificate, but the legal effect it has.

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