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Presented with soul journey through the Sun sea”Stephan j. Fried his first book, which is published by Rosamontis Verlag in these days. The author, musician, and painter combines the desire to bring the stations of life in poetic storytelling people with his debut and has optimism, hope, suffering, happiness, forgetting and forgiving to a melody of the heart”with the clef”love”composed. He himself describes his poetry, which depicts the real life with a journey through life to the shores of the feelings. Connects with his poetic work, which includes 75 declarations of love, Stephan j. Fried at the same time the desire to give the interested reader of strength and hope.

The Saarland-born artist lives his 2004 in Rhineland-Palatinate. He composes his own songs and lyrics. Stephan j. Fried collected since childhood musical experiences in the field of dance and orchestral music as a drummer, instrumentalist and vocalist in various rock, pop and heavy metal was formations. Already at a young age, his joy grew on the writing of poems for solemn occasions.

Preferred topics for his acrylic paintings are mostly landscape motifs and abstract compositions. Soul’s journey into the Sun sea, ISBN 978-3-940212-12-2, paperback, is now available through bookshops for the price of 9 euros available. Press contact: Rosamontis Verlag Gudula Heugel Erfurt ring 42 phone 06237/306314-0 fax 06237/306314-9 E-Mail: rosamontis.de press at Internet: about Rosamontis Publisher: the Publisher Gudula Heugel leads with in Ludwigshafen a still young companies, the young writers and authors to promote based Rosamontis publishing, to lay their own manuscripts in a book, and accessible to a broad public. Periodically writes the Publisher writing competitions for anthologies on different topics. A forum on the website of the publishing house and a private newsletter also regularly informed about current news and new releases. Gudula Heugel was already before the Publishing House Foundation in February 2007 successfully worked as a freelance editor and Autorendienstleister. Numerous press reports and articles in various newspapers come out of her pen.

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