Move Artistic Dome

by yudaica2013 ·

Europe’s largest training center for Parkour and FreeRunning, tricking at the 18.03.2012 annual free the doors open the move artistic Cathedral from 11-4: 00 for the open day. For all curious there are Parkour, freerunning, tricking, breakdancing, slacklining, much in the areas experiencing trampoline and freestyle soccer. In the over 1000m 2-large hall at the Canary route 30 in Cologne all sport enthusiasts can use the possibility to sniff in the sports into it and to meet lots of like-minded people. These are trained instructors with help and advice and try in 30-minute Taster courses”to drag people under the spell of the trend sport. In addition to world-class jump floors, Slacklines and various Parkour obstacles, there is also an Airtrick area, where nearly every jump manages.

In the third year of existence was in advance again tackled and renovated the input area of the training centre. So was a welcoming meeting place for athletes, spectators and Guests created, exchanged in the latest training experiences in beverages and small snacks. In addition to good mood is only comfortable sports clothing to bring, to enjoy a beautiful day. A declaration of the consent of parents or guardians is completed to bring, because they can not otherwise participate in the training operation for all minors. You will find more information, as well as the Declaration of consent on mad.

It BBs time to move contact: move productions contact: Alex Pach Canary route 30 50829 Koln (Germany phone: 0221 93333 7 16 move artistic has become in the past few years to a fixed size in the tricking and Parkour scene.) Whether guided courses, workshops, membership, teacher training courses, corporate events, a wide variety offers camps or event specials, move artistic in every respect. Not for nothing, we are one of the leading platforms with an over 1200 square foot training center in Germany. Move of productions is a young agency from Cologne. With innovative and modern movement concepts, we guarantee a high sustainability events. We also deal with the themes of Le Parkour, freerunning, tricking, slacklining, and other acrobatic movement forms as Nieschenprofi and put together, like our offers.


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