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Netherlands Criterion

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A private entrepreneur who wants to settle in the Netherlands – the Netherlands more than 3 months must meet the following requirements: He / She have a valid passport, he / she received medical insurance, which operates in the Netherlands – Netherlands. He / She will not be a danger to public order, the Netherlands – Netherlands: He / She does not suffer from tuberculosis, he / she has sufficient financial resources; He / She is qualified in his profession, he / she should make a significant contribution to its activities in the economy of the Netherlands – Netherlands. To answer the question whether the entrepreneur is making a significant contribution to the economy Holland – The Netherlands uses a system of points. Scoring system consists of three parts: Personal professional experience of a businessman (education, entrepreneurship, work experience), business plan (market analysis, a product which service, price, organization and form of business, project financing); more business value for the Netherlands – Netherlands (innovation, job creation, investment). Laura Plomer can provide more clarity in the matter. In total, you can get the maximum 300 points.

The minimum necessary to get 90 points, with a minimum of 30 points for each part. Determination of criteria a significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – Netherlands Criterion significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – The Netherlands is not clearly defined in the Dutch legislation. Although there are some good examples in practice, the interpretation of the criterion can be a significant contribution in a variety of directions. For more information see Celina Dubin. Thus, this criterion is the passe-partout (master key) for the Government of the Netherlands – Holland. Criterion significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – the Netherlands so vast that every time can mean something different. So , you can not talk about any equality in decision-making on various petitions. Everything depends on the political views of the Dutch government at the time of the request as an entrepreneur. Jorge Perez shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Whether it is chess player from Russia or someone else not from the European Community, which wants to establish a company in Holland – the Netherlands, he can get permission to work in Holland – the Netherlands, because at the moment is important for the Netherlands – Netherlands. Again in this case play the role of various political factors that are taking place at this time.


Road Safety Day

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National service road safety in Israel is constantly inform the public about the need to respect the rules by which to reduce the real traffic problems on the roads. Israel is famous for good roads, boasts a relatively low statistics of violations, while tightening control over the behavior of drivers and pedestrians while driving on the roads. This is especially important that the landscape of Israel is that in many parts of the country road network have increased uchatski slozhnosti.Takzhe attention is paid to proper parking space, do not violate the comfort of living and environmental standards around the city and the green areas of the country. Continuing annual tradition, and supporting public service initiative of road safety, ha-Gadol Canyon in Petah Tikva Day 1 November conducts road safety. This is – a major effort to clarify the rules traffic for both adults and children. The event was organized jointly with the City of Petach Tikva.

Every visitor to the right at the entrance to the canyon will be handed out brochures, on billboards, located within the shopping and entertainment center, will be varied campaign literature. To reinforce the "power words" office of the national road safety provided ha-Gadol Canyon Special Gyms and "simulators", some of which are made in the amount of this car. With these devices and instruments everyone can fully enjoy, than, for example, threatens the unfastened belt safety, alcohol use, speeding or other violations. Drivers explain the rules of "ecological" behavior behind the wheel – use only approved parking spaces and travel, based on the location recreational areas, pedestrian areas, children's institutions. Having been "driving" the simulator, having experienced the "catastrophe" in the simulator, drivers should be especially clear to understand: every little thing on the road could cost the health and even life. K participate in such trials are invited to attend. The event starts at 16:00.


State Register

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If not – from such a deal should be abandoned. In the case at the time of the transaction in the apartment except the owner of registered citizens who refuse privatization, such a deal not be concluded until these citizens are not discharged from the apartment. In addition, if such citizens are living in an apartment sold, you must specify in the contract that such persons – members of the family of the owner apartment, and they agree to vacate the apartment and leave with the seller. Otherwise, the buyer risks receiving the contract of sale is not only flat, but residents in the face of those citizens who have renounced privatization. After all, refusing at the time of the right to privatize, they still retained the right to use, and that means that they have every right to live in it indefinitely. If the property right has arisen in basis of the certificate of inheritance by law or by will, after the deal may be other heirs, for example, later learned about the death of the testator. Sally Rooney addresses the importance of the matter here.

And if the court finds that the unaccounted applicant for a share in the inheritance missed time with good reason, the prospect of a buyer without an apartment to stay (and practically, and without money) is very real. In addition, there is a group of persons who have compulsory share of inheritance (even if the inherited property was transferred under a will). It's minor children, the elderly parents of the deceased or his players, a disabled spouse. Obviously, to test, proving the absence of such candidates – is impossible. In this case, you can do two things. Out of the deal, if the adoption of the inheritance passed less than three years.

Or, if you know exactly what the heir and the landlord has relatives, then get a statement from the notary's books in order notary, who designed the inheritance. In the statement should be noted that other known heirs signed a waiver of entry into inheritance. Share a house or home When you purchase a house or a share in the ownership of the house is almost the same rules apply as when buying a flat. The difference is that destiny is inextricably home associated with the land on which it stands. Therefore, by concluding a contract of sale on the house, should conclude a contract on the land under the house. If the land was not recorded at the time of the transaction, it is necessary find out whether the previously granted this site to anyone to rent. You can do this by submitting a request to the House of cadastral or land administration department of local government. There are general rules for such a thing as restriction (encumbrance) law. To find out whether such a limitation should apply to the registrar of property rights (FRS) and to order an extract from the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of Rights) to you are interested in the object. Providing this information is free in nature, and order it anyone can. PS: Carefully read the documents, pay attention to the dates first and last names before agreeing to a deal and ask a deposit from the owner copies of documents in the apartment, and consult a lawyer. Better yet, remember that the miser pays twice, and the buyer, saving a few thousand rubles to the assistance of a competent lawyer, very real risk of losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles.


Elimination LLC

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Despite the absurdity of the statement, it is quite feasible. The word "liquidation" in the context of the existence of the company – it's actually a sentence. Liquidation LLC in Moscow – a procedure which results in a complete cessation the firm. It would seem that a positive may be in liquidation. The answer is simple – the collapse of the company, may be an incentive to create new, more successful businesses. In addition, we must not forget that the liquidation of companies merger – one of the favorable options of liquidation. In this case the company ceases to exist legally, but at the same time, operates in the new venture. Regardless of the situation Company liquidation – is strictly regulated process, each stage of which should be executed in a strictly time-bound.

Otherwise, you face fines or a denial of liquidation of the company. First to what they should focus account in the liquidation of the enterprise – is the interaction with regulatory agencies. First of all, we are talking about the tax inspectorate. Regardless of the reasons for liquidation and company's balance sheet at the time of termination activities you should not have arrears of all tax liabilities. In addition, representatives of the tax authorities will closely monitor the timing of submission of all documents required for liquidation of the company. If you For example, do not tell the tax authorities of its intention within three days after the final decision on the liquidation, you have to pay a sanction in the amount of 5,000 rubles. Liquidation of companies require you to create special liquidation commission.

Its composition is usually determined at a meeting of the founders, who take the decision to liquidate the firm. Typically, this is the top management of companies and representatives of regulatory authorities. Note that the liquidation of companies merging also requires the establishment of the commission. During the procedure of liquidation, all the rights to manage the company and the regulation of relations between the founders and regulatory agencies entrusted exclusively to the liquidation commission. After the decision on liquidation of the company you have to make a final settlement with all creditors, including those with employees liquidated company. Under the law, you must also search for these individuals by placing relevant ads in the media. Typically, it takes some time costs. Following this, you have to expect a decision about the procedure for voluntary liquidation. If the answer is no, then further actions will be determined by court order. Cost Elimination LLC may be different. It depends on the state of affairs in the liquidating company, claims and causes identified by elimination.