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Road Safety Day

by yudaica2013 ·

National service road safety in Israel is constantly inform the public about the need to respect the rules by which to reduce the real traffic problems on the roads. Israel is famous for good roads, boasts a relatively low statistics of violations, while tightening control over the behavior of drivers and pedestrians while driving on the roads. This is especially important that the landscape of Israel is that in many parts of the country road network have increased uchatski slozhnosti.Takzhe attention is paid to proper parking space, do not violate the comfort of living and environmental standards around the city and the green areas of the country. Continuing annual tradition, and supporting public service initiative of road safety, ha-Gadol Canyon in Petah Tikva Day 1 November conducts road safety. This is – a major effort to clarify the rules traffic for both adults and children. The event was organized jointly with the City of Petach Tikva.

Every visitor to the right at the entrance to the canyon will be handed out brochures, on billboards, located within the shopping and entertainment center, will be varied campaign literature. To reinforce the "power words" office of the national road safety provided ha-Gadol Canyon Special Gyms and "simulators", some of which are made in the amount of this car. With these devices and instruments everyone can fully enjoy, than, for example, threatens the unfastened belt safety, alcohol use, speeding or other violations. Drivers explain the rules of "ecological" behavior behind the wheel – use only approved parking spaces and travel, based on the location recreational areas, pedestrian areas, children's institutions. Having been "driving" the simulator, having experienced the "catastrophe" in the simulator, drivers should be especially clear to understand: every little thing on the road could cost the health and even life. K participate in such trials are invited to attend. The event starts at 16:00.