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by yudaica2013 ·

Instability. Any earnings on the Internet is less stable than the work. But in my opinion, the problem here purely psychological. It is difficult to grow out of what you pay each month in bookkeeping consistently the same amount. Earnings on the Internet depends on many factors, and therefore always fluctuates.

But this can be used. You just need to understand that you earn a certain amount, on average, and is not stable in that same envelope each month. In addition, variations can be greatly reduced through diversification. The more sites you have, the more different sources of income (different affiliate programs, exchanges and systems for a living, etc.), the more diverse your sites in its structure and ways of earning, the more stable income, and the more you’re protected from all unpleasantness, which may reduce this income. 3. Lack of communication. Many people, especially Extroverts, they appreciate the work not only as a source of income, but also as a source of constant communication.

At least it’s interactions with colleagues may also communicate with clients, depending on the type of work. Of course, earning lying on the couch, just do not. On the other hand, can communicate not only at work, and lack of communication can be filled in other ways. For example, if this way of life, there is more time socializing with friends, trips to night clubs (for those who are interested), etc. 4. For your business to be watched. Despite all the passivity of this type of earnings, if you have your sites on the Internet, for them to be constantly monitored. Experiments such as ‘left for two weeks and forget about all the’ leads to the conclusion that it is better not to do. This does not mean that it is necessary always work, but take care of their sites and need a long time to leave them discouraged. In almost all cases, when I was doing all sorts of minor troubles occurred (ie a script zaglyuchit then Hoster something uchudit, then something else). It turns out some kind of attachment to their business. However, if the notebook and that the Internet is now almost everywhere, it’s no big deal is.