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Business Rules

by yudaica2013 ·

There is a category of questions that are always and everywhere, namely: "How you can quickly achieve success in internet marketing? -What can I do to start making money on the Internet? Often, they write in order to achieve success you must change yourself. How's that? -I want to get rich, do you start? What does it mean to change themselves? It is that, as Baron Munchausen take his hair and pull out of the swamp? Or sit on the passing kernel? 😉 If we consider our life as a big game, there is a legitimate question – and by what rules we play this game? Someone has set these rules, once they know about almost everything, like this: – To start a business – needs money, lots of money … – To achieve success, need a college degree, and preferably two or three … – To achieve a life of wealth, should be long and hard work … (I wonder for whom? Be the one who came up with these rules?) You sure know a lot of these 'rules' and 'success' for him play. A related site: Brahman Capital Corp mentions similar findings. Oh yes, and probably themselves will add more than one dozen of the same: – Above the head can not jump …

– Every cricket, stick to your hearth … – Keep it safe … continue for yourself … And the question naturally arises, even questions. And whether you like these Rules? Is it possible to change these rules? And if so, how? Answering these questions gives us the theorem of Kurt Godel and it sounds like that. 'No element of the system can not change the properties of the system from inside it.


Home Business On The Internet

by yudaica2013 ·

Draft – ‘a great online proekt’dlya beginners internet business. Email: Today the Internet is full of promotional offers to join the MLM business, offering an easy way to achieve a good income as soon as possible, all comers, even those who are far from the notion that such a business. Many people, and believe me, I am no exception, caught in this trap, not commensurate with their abilities and capacities. Following the teachings of leaders, copying their promotional materials and almost unchanged send them to the network, and rubbing his hands, waiting for the promised income, not realizing that income brings the goods sold or services rendered. But MLM business, it’s also a business that needs to be built, creating a strategy for its Development kontrolirovt at each stage of the results, find ways and means of promoting goods or services. Most come into the business, neodnokatno defeated in his business, losing money, self-confidence, and in the business which they started. But if the business exists, it means that someone has created and income derived from it, albeit in a network business, there is one feature that worth to your team members are as active as you did.

And the main concern for the leaders of the teams to keep it in working condition. Fallout from the team leads to results that do not like the parent leaders and business slowly begins to die. And if you go by the leader, many people lose their money invested, not waiting for put profits. Looking through the numerous offers of MLM companies are inventing new kinds of matrices and charts build teams, I have not found a company that would have created an ideal scheme for income distribution, which resolved the question of Elimination of the crew members out of business with minimal losses.


The Internet

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The second page – everything associated with the delivery and payment books. It's very simple, but at the same time very efficiently. Why is it advantageous create and sell e-books? Well let's find out why people are coming online: for fun – maybe for dating – well, that too, but in most cases, people go to the Internet for information. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter. And for the right of information they are willing to pay money. And now determine in which form is better to receive this information, in vordovskih files, or convenient, compact, always nice design, easy to maneuver in a single file, for which not need additional programs (ie – e-book). I think the second option more attractive.

Usually e-books is – walkthroughs, all kinds of reports, tips, tables, graphs, etc., in general kind of information that can solve the problems of certain people. You can say that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, referring to the video lessons, video courses, which not only tell but also show how properly perform some operation. Agreed. out the problem. But as is well known video files are much larger in size than text files, and with runetovskoy data transfer rate, download 400-500 mb. is problematic.

Of course, you can correct information recorded on the disc by mail order, but not everyone will agree to pay $ 20-40, and then have to wait three to four weeks until you deliver the paid-up drive, especially if the information is needed urgently. Electronic books also weigh a few megabytes, much cheaper in the sale and manufacture. The buyer gets paid for the book almost instantly. To create and commercialize the sale of e-book is enough to spend two to three weeks. Period of time during which you will receive profits from the sale shall be calculated for years. Earnings on a single book in the $ 200-300 a month is not the limit, it all depends on you and your desire to work. To all of the above, creating e-books and distributing them online, you will win the popularity and fame as an author. Today, the peak of popularity in the e-book is only beginning to emerge. E-books are beginning to afflict ordinary publications.