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Third Weapons

by yudaica2013 ·

I want to share with you an excellent game that nazyvaetsyas Fwound. The game is not large format 2D, developed in 2008. Its action unfolds in a kind of virus infected the city where the living was only sane person. When he awoke, he sees around him lifeless town and the hordes of walking dead. Without thinking, our hero picks up a gun and begins to make its way to the exit from this hell. On the way to save a player must pass the cemetery and the horrific dark streets. The game has a lot of secret places of the bonuses, huge selection of weapons for every taste and color. In the game there are bosses, for the passage of which requires a strategy for the fight.

Exploring the city you'll find that with all the dead enemies drop green pills, for they can buy weapons and ammunition. At every level there are secret places where a lot of green vials, so that there is a sense in the inspection of corners in search of the secret areas. All weapons are divided 3 levels, from first to third. The first is open from the beginning, but to get access to the other will have to spend money. The destructive power of weapons is in ascending order, if the first is the most powerful shotgun in the Third you can buy a flamethrower. The game is full of various evil spirits, but the most common is the ordinary zombies. Damage on them depends on what part of the body you shoot, such as the clip can be released into the body, and nothing significant will not be, or to kill with one shot in the head. Fwound uses source engine and produces an excellent picture. In general, for fans of arcade game seem small enough entertaining. The material is taken from the site


Computer Repair Help

by yudaica2013 ·

One can not evaluate the role of computers in our lives. Some 15 years ago, it was not really back 5-7 years it was a luxury. Today he is in every office, virtually all are at home. A person can not do without it. Everyone sooner or later acquires a computer. You can talk long about the pros and cons.

Computer at home with equal success, can be used both for work and entertainment. When choosing and buying a computer, it is necessary, to determine what functions it will perform. He will be with a powerful processor, video card, memory, and LCD monitor or it will be much weaker, but with lots of peripherals: scanner, printer, etc. Computer, as well as any technique in use is subject to various problems: contamination of viruses, errors in the operating system, problems with software or configuring network hardware. To solve all these problems and there are companies that provide services to computer assistance.

Computer assistance includes services setup windows, setting anti-virus software, configuring software, setting up networks, etc. To address all these many challenges to invite friends of friends. But as usual all the friends and acquaintances are good users, but no more. Many are not engaged in setting up software, but leave all the default settings, that does not give that performance as with the proper settings. Not one person can be expert in all matters. Therefore, all companies which are engaged by a computer, have several specialists in various fields. They are specialists Software and software, network equipment specialists and service, expert 1C, etc. Many may think that calling the master – it is a waste of time and money. But really – it is very advantageous and convenient for client. Master comes in convenient time and place. And plus everything you do not have no where to go and keep your computer. How is the order for these services. You call and describe your problem and leave a request. Staff office pick up and transfer you to a specialist your request. He calls up to you, negotiates the arrival time and other nuances. The company, unlike your friends can give a guarantee on their services. Hopefully, this article we were able to convince you of the need to use the services of computer help and protect from further errors and problems related to high-quality PC repair no.