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1-TERM OF REFERENCE OF the CONFERENCE SUBJECT: ' ' The Delinquncia Infanto-Youthful in the Kilamba-Kiaxi' ' The Delinquncia Infanto-Youthful is a social fenmeno, based in the disobedience of the laws, moral regulations or principles on the part of the adolescents and young. Being able still to be understood as the delicts committed for adolescents and young in relaco to the norms established for the State, it constitutes a punishable crime of law. In Angola, reached the Peace in 2002, aps a terrible period of civil war devastated that it during about 30 years, the Delinquncia appears most of the time as an exit many adolescents and young to affirm itself in the seio of Angolan society e, concomitantly will be able to suppress some of its basic material and financial necessities. But also, they exist adolescent or young whose families until, well are located in the social and econmica sphere, but that exactly thus, they incur to the Vandalism and the Delinquncia, which had the negative influences of this society, in the way to think, to act, to be to be in the conviviality with the others. The actuais societies, almost that they do not have great illustrious representative symbols, to who the same ones can be felt inspired, from there that some use this practise, although reprovvel, to impose itself in the social environment. Therefore, now more than what never e, in the Kilamba-Kiaxi in particular, is urgent the necessity of efforts for the weakness of the fenmeno will be conjugated. Policia will fit evidently National, to guarantee the total public security, but also, is necessary that the parents and other people in charge strengthen the attention stop with its adolescents and young and, still more, that the same Churches always go persuading a not to incur to the crime. Finally, that if they create more ranks of jobs, libraries, jangos and houses of youth and, of recreation of forms, to stimulate the same ones to recoup its auto-pride and they esteem, because let us admit: the fact future, belongs to the young! Objectivos Of specific form, intends that the Conference looks for: Reflectir around the delinquncia infanto-youthful in Luanda and, in the city of the Kilamba-Kiaxi, particular; Compreender the real situation of the adolescents and young of the city before the picture to be presented in the related event; Elaborar recommendations face to the picture to be presented, on the intervention priorities the local level for the improvement of the situation of this group of the society.


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