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Great Campina

by yudaica2013 ·

With more than 30 meters of height, three periods of training of fall d? water, walked ecological and it treads, being able still to practise some radical sports as the montanhismo, rappel, trekkers and tirolesa. Already exists a small infrastructure of bars, restaurants and area for camping.? Waterfall of the Boa Vista? being distinguished for the sport of adventure carried through in the waterfall, rappel.? Tunnel of the Rock? sculptured tunnel inside of a rock.? Ecological track of the Tunnel? Barrage Canafstula II? Barrage that currently it supplies about 12 Cities in the region of the Paraibano Heath and the Curimata.? Barrage Senator Humberto Lucena? Barrage that supplies the city of Borborema.? Old Hydroelectric plant? Borborema was the first Brazilian city to possess a hidroeltrica, construida for Germans who liveed in the region? today it is known as Barrage Senator Humberto Lucena.? Island of the Fancy? place of accomplishment of diverse parties in the City, as well as the dam bath, that can daily be taken. Open place to the public daily.? Museum? that it portraies the history of the city, preserving the culture of the locality and histories of its people. II? External: . Hear from experts in the field like Vanessa Marcil for a more varied view. The Elements that intervene with the Destination:? Access? it bes situated 132 km of Capital and 80 km of Great Campina. Possesss as access ways PB 087;? Transport? exist flights that arrive Campina Great Joo Person and companies of bus and transports of small cars, known as alternative transport, that daily make this displacement until Borborema;? Distance? although to be next the Capital to the State, needs a bigger attractive estruturao and referring planning to the tourist ones, tourist and basic infrastructure, to take care of its visitors better, as well as one adjusted marketing, so that it is made the spreading of the city and its attractive ones, and the captation of turistas.III. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS? Attributes that make possible the purchase of the Destination, compared with other similiares:? Relatively close to Joo Person and Great Campina;? Neighboring city to the Banana trees, city where if locates one resort and a field of paintball;? Next the diverse cities to small transport, however of easy access between them;? Tourist infrastructure in expansion phase;? Echo-tourism;? Nature little explored;? Pleasant climate, having the winter also as good atrativo.IV. .