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Household Tales

by yudaica2013 ·

These are tales of life and historical figures, kings, merchants (King, an old man and the boyars, Peter 1, and a man, soldier and king of the forest), etc. In an adventure tale protagonists often act, such characters as the merchant son, jester, sir, madam, nobles, soldiers, ordinary peasant men, who have shown remarkable ingenuity can easily come out of seemingly hopeless situations, sometimes there are so intelligent and advanced in mentally, that they are able to easily outwit a very influential and respected people, often even possible to mock and punish them, both physically and financially, that is, ruble. This tale is rather difficult to distinguish from stories – novels, the characters are a faithful wife, the wife of a cheat and a liar, a wife izmenschitsa, warriors, Girls (Amazon), in the tales of destiny, sorrow and happiness: (Thin wife, Lazy Arina, two shares). Household and satirical tales Household Tales, by arrangement, in most cases close to the anecdote, in their present home humor, ie, funny and anecdotal situations drawn from life, they also differ in the acute social orientation (poor joke over the rich, etc.). The heroes of everyday tales usually are: the poor peasants, wage workers (laborers), the soldiers in the usual for these types of people life standard setting (office, arable land, building, stables, garrison, etc.). As a separate subsection Russian folk tales of household can, with a particular desire to distinguish satirical tales, which satirizes the master, mistress, the priest, deacon (Barin and carpenter; gentleman and a dog, a man and gentleman fairy tale; Sir barks in the church, Good pop, pop As a worker hired; guy and pop), etc. The positive character of household tales, as well as magic (adventure) is always a winner in circumstances described in the story, and in proves once again the well-known statement, saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Also in the repertoire of fantastic people, along with the main types of stories, there are various sub genres of stories, for example, tales-tales, annoying fairy tale, fairy tales, saying, others. All the above and many other Russian folk tales can always read on the 'All Russian folk tales about animals, magic, everyday. For children and adults'.