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The Fiesta mayor offers this year again a spectacular program soon it is again. From 23 to 27 September turns Barcelona into a true dream town of full of spectacular events, traditional festivals and countless concerts. Whether 2009 everything you can only dream offers huge giant papier-mache, dancing Devils or fire-breathing Drachen…die Merce. The Festival, which is dedicated to the Mare de Deu de la Merce, also called Fiesta Mayor and is one of the most breathtaking celebrations in Barcelona. For five long days you can enjoy of fascinating traditional program points closer bring the Catalan culture and history.

Have you ever heard of the famous castells? It is one of the highlights of the Merce. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jorge Perez. In various public places, great human towers with multiple floors are built right in front of your eyes. A real goose bumps is thus guaranteed. A clearly, the Correfoc are another highlight. In this spectacular procession you don’t more come out from the amazement that evenings draw hundreds of people who dress up as a devil, demons or other mysterious creatures, through the streets and dance and jump back and forth between endless Fireworks and firecrackers. It is waiting a loud, exciting and thrilling ceremony accordingly. Of course also may be not the moves with the famous gegants (huge papier-mache figures) will be missed. You will learn about thus the Catalan history closer and above all a very special atmosphere, which is accompanied with traditional flute and drum music.

In addition to the traditional event points the Merce stands out also the immense range of concerts, street performers, shows, presentations, dances, etc. And you must not even pay for the unimaginable amusing entertainment, because the Merce is 100% free. What can you do expect more? If you want to enjoy Barcelona in a State of emergency, then you can visit the Merce 2009. The accommodation you must worry also. Rent apartments in Barcelona: the best alternative for an affordable and comfortable accommodation.


New Withholding Tax Applies

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but only every fourth citizen white decision, it is important to generate profit as to save just taxes with a financial investment\”, advises Kadam Heine, managing partner of the Heine asset management – service center of partner Bank AG in Frankfurt. This applies from January, when eating the new withholding tax on interest, dividends and capital gains.\” But still just slightly more than every fourth German citizens (28%) according to a recent study of the Cologne market research institute psychonomics AG ( has in-depth knowledge to the new regulation of private capital income taxation. System favorites of German citizens remain savings (10%), equity (9%) and overnight deposit accounts currently (7% each). It is characterized as a retreat from affected in the future by the flat tax on investment products such as stocks or savings from, but who wants to invest his money in the long term, should a clean sweep in his this year Make investments. To know more about this subject visit Sheryl Sandberg. The tax applicable from 2009 brings that sweeping changes for all savers and investors, although many investors and savers still does not want to admit it.

The new tax is a withholding tax, as it is already known from many other countries. Partners has firm opinions on the matter. Fundamentally, the concept of withholding tax is namely based on tax deduction at source. The income tax of the investor is now generally satisfied with the tax deduction, i.e. By the same author: Gary Kelly . the investor must then no longer specify investment income in his income tax return. As of January 2009, all capital gains are so – include such as interest, dividends, distributions of funds and also with 25 per cent of plus 5.5 percent solidarity surcharge realized gains from securities purchased for 2008 – and, where appropriate, taxed church tax. All capital income are measured so sweeping from the coming year with this uniform tax rate. Tax-free gains from securities, it is over with the so-called speculative period, the Semi-income system and related expenses deduction however. More information is housed here: Facebook.


I Hear A Buzzing In My Ear That Prevents Me Concentrate On My Studies

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Tinnitus in a problem (or symptom) very common that it affects people of all ages, but perhaps one of the niches of age where most affect their discomfort is in adolescence. Adolescent is a person of character changing, usually irritable and with very subjective problems many times product of the own age, hormonal changes and social conditioning. Jorge Perez describes an additional similar source. It is very normal that due to the accelerated life of adolescents and their escaza sympathy by health professionals, when it says: I hear a humming sound in my ear, come dragging this issue for some time, but pay you just attention when it begins to affect the normal development of their activities. Only when the tinnitus begins to affect your concentration, your dream or complicates the normal interaction with peers, he understands that he has a problem by which you should consult a specialist. It is known also, that tinnitus is usually much affect States of mind, which added to the own mood changes of the age, can make the adolescent patient with tinnitus, a person very difficult to treat. It can become complicated for medical specialist properly empathize with these patients to achieve a correct diagnosis.

Another aggravating factor of tinnitus in this particular stage of life is that the teen is much more exposed to sound sources high in areas where moves (dance halls, recitals, festivals, etc.) Per all the above, is of great importance that the adolescent patient who hears a buzzing in your ear (or tinnitus), is in their peers and elders containment and patience necessary to feel understood and accompanied during the process of diagnosis and treatment of the pathology associated with your condition. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here. Original author and source of the article.


Sprengel & Partner GmbH Draws A Positive Balance For 2008

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Agency has forced international activities and bad Marienberg/Nisterau, expanded their market position as well as the full service area January 16, 2009 the marketing, PR and media agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH recorded a significant growth for the year 2008. The success rate is based inter alia on the expansion of international activities and the amplified full service concept adapted to the market. At the same time, the Agency could their customer base and thus accompanied by immediately expand the size of the company both management and staff level. The Sprengel & Partner GmbH operates since about 15 years companies in different sectors, core business is in particular in the IT/K – and high-technology market. In the process of globalization and to meet even more thus increasing customer requirements, the Agency joined the powerful network of independent communication and PR agencies IPRN.

Set and achieved aim was to position the company, nationwide and internationally more the Customer base to expand and to adapt to the development of the market. Each Member of the network is one of the leading agencies in its regional market. Makes highest quality for the customers in guaranteed when it comes to consulting and implementation. Based on the internationalization the Agency demonstrated 2008 increased their focus on the full service concept. Kevin James often says this. Thus, it is able to offer customers comprehensive advice and support from a single source. The focus on the areas of marketing, PR and media.

Our philosophy is the pulse of the time to act and us to adapt the development of the market and the demands of the customers. Our recipe for success is a communication overall concept, we tailor custom made to the customer. The trick here is to recognize the needs of our customers and to consistently implement coordinated measures”, explains Fabian Sprengel, Managing Director of the Sprengel & Partner GmbH. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. 2008 also a personnel resulted from the expansion of international activities and customer base Growth. So new staff were recruited and the management team has been expanded. Ulrike Peter, Senior Vice President of the Sprengel & Partner GmbH, commented: In the highly competitive market of the Agency is to differentiate themselves from the competition through concepts of far off the beaten track. We pursue this goal in 2009 with sophisticated methods around communication 2.0 “. More information under: in brief: founded in 1994, Sprengel & Partner GmbH as a full-service agency supports large and medium-sized enterprises as well as small businesses and newcomers through the use of customized marketing, PR and media action. Individual, professional advice and clear conceptual and fast implementation distinguishes the Agency: from the analysis phase of the planning, design and implementation to professional success monitoring.


Security Industry Calls For National Security Roadmap

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Clear strategy for IT security and data protection by authorities, businesses, science and citizens is the basis for national sovereignty the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) urges the future federal Government to include the formulation and implementation of national security roadmap in its work programme. The always obvious growing extent of eavesdropping shows the challenges through cyber spying. Must be taken by appropriate prioritization in the upcoming government program account the. A sustainable IT security strategy, in which the relevant stakeholders from politics, users, science and IT security industry involved, is essential for ensuring the action sovereignty of State and economy. With the in September 2013 furnished “round table to the IT security technology”, the Federal Government has already created an important basis.

Now it is true, this body, in which all representatives at the table sits with the development of a specific national To instruct security roadmap. It aims to concretize the already identified action requirements, to provide the necessary financial resources and to provide a detailed timetable for the implementation. “Secure IT requires the acquisition and the use of high-quality and trustworthy security technology. And there is this not still comes from alone to use free of charge. That showed the bugging of Merkel’s unprotected party phone again”, so TeleTrusT Board and Sirrix-CEO Ammar Alkassar.

“The protection of data and communication is the safety of a digitised society of the 21st century: no one today seriously question the compulsory despite loss of comfort.” IT security we gotta go there.” Germany already has a distinctive and internationally first-class IT security industry and through close cooperation with the Federal Office for security in information technology a demand-oriented solution palette for protection of IT systems. This must be now active in a long term and Integrated tuned IT security strategy and roadmap. “While the goal must be, to promote a paradigm shift in IT security, to protect our information and data effectively and efficiently.