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Asia Species

by yudaica2013 ·

At times of cold the effect of its foliages if becomes very yellowish being valued in the gardens. She is rustic, however of slow growth and its leves are very used in therapeutical ends (SAFE; THIN; TOWERS, 2000). The Ginkgoencontra the older vegetal species of the land being called ‘ enter; ‘ fossil vivo’ ‘ for being the only representative of the Ginkgoaceae family. The species was found in great forests has 150 million years if becoming more than behind almost extinct. Some representatives had been found in China, and part of Asia. Had the deforestation, the plant almost became dead person. Currently this species meets preserved by the which had human culture to its ornamental and commercial value (FORLENZA, 2003). It is a diica plant, needing medicinal species of the two sexos so that the reproduction happens.

The growth and development of the plant are very slow, arriving the age of reproduction around 15 years (BITENCOURT; MAYER; ZUFFELATO, 2008). The Ginkgo that is a species of Korea, China and Japan. It is a tree that can arrive up to 40 meters of height, being able to live up to 4 a thousand years. Its longevity must it its great capacity be supported toxic effect and resistance the infections. The Ginkgo name comes of the Chinese word sankyo what it means ‘ ‘ damson plum of campo’ ‘ , while the term biloba was attributed appearance of its leves (to bilobular), what they are resembled to a foot of duck (LORENZI; MATOS, 2002).

The Ginkgo has been used in the culinria and therapeutical oriental per millenia and cited in the Chinese farmacopia. The seeds of the trees of the Ginkgo are gastronmicas spices that when cozidas integrate traditional plates of the Chinese culinria as the Chawan mushi and the Nabi ryori.