Health Team

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This study had as objective to evaluate the interdisciplinariedade in the Team of Health of the Family in the city of Barriers – Ba, and to recognize the form with that this contributes for an integral attendance. Tratase of a exploratrio study, approaching aspects qualitative, developed in two USF of the city. The data had been collected at two moments: at the first moment, individual interview of the semistructuralized type, and at as the moment one consisted in the application of the group dynamic. To broaden your perception, visit Kevin James Doyle. The analytical structure that guided the analysis of this study referenciou in the concept of the Social Representations according to technique of analysis of content subsidized in Minayo1. The results had been organized in distributed categories and in symbolic subcategorias, approaching the positive and negative conceptions and aspects. The results had inferred to have little substantiality in what condiz to practical of activities interdisciplinares, and they had suggested that of the diverse activities developed in the units, the ones that had been more distinguished inside of a work to interdisciplinar they had been of educative matrix, where citizens according to investigated, these, promote a bigger iteration and interrelation enters the members of the team, adscrita community and civil society. Word-key: Interdisciplinaridade; Team Health of the Family. The importance of the interdisciplinary work in the family health team searching completes it attendance ABSTRACT This study aimed you assess the interdisciplinarity in the Family Health Team in Barrier and recognize how it contributes you a completes attendance.

This is an exploratory study, addressing qualitative aspects, developed into two USF in Barrier. The dates were collected in two stages: At the first moment, an individual and semistructured interview, and in the second moment was applied dynamics of group. Analytical The framework, that guided the analysis of this study, was based in the concept of Social Representations according you the technical analysis of content subsidized by Minayo1.


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