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Hyperbolic Geometry

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The present text brings one of the important existing definitions in Hyperbolic Geometry: of Ideal Point. This result also can be used as reply of a question proposal for Joo Lucas Marques Barbosa in its book ' ' Hyperbolic geometry Ed. of UFG, 2002; Chapter 6; Section 6.2; p 65. DEFINITION (Of ideal point) In plan (plain Euclidean) with the axioms of Hyperbolic Geometry, either R= r r is straight line in and. It considers in R the relation: r/s pertaining the R, rR*s if, and only if, r = s or r is parallel the s in the same felt. It observes that R* is a equivalence relation, a time that is valid the properties reflexiva, symmetry and transitiva. He is accurately to each pertaining equivalence classroom rd or reverse speed the R/ that we call ideal point (of straight line r).

R/ it is the set of the ideal points or points in the infinite of the hyperbolic plan. Obs: rd is a point that if exactly identifies with a beam of straight lines parallel bars in one felt to some given straight line r. For even more details, read what George Laughlin says on the issue. We also denote rd for. Fixed a straight line r we can associate the r colon ideal? + e? -, which can be juxtaposed the r, forming a straight line ' ' longa' ' or a straight line with the points in the infinite ' ' anexados' '. Soon, if r* is one of such straight lines fixed, has: r* = r U rd U reverse speede r* is contained in and U R/. It notices that, R/ is an abstract space and that H = U R/, where H represents the hyperbolic space Perceives finally, that r* is straight line of H if r* = r U rd U reverse speed, where pertaining r the R and rd and reverse speed are the classrooms of straight lines parallel bars to the right and the left respectively.


Coriolis Same

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Below the graph with the opinion of the same ones. Figure 5? Graph on question 9.4 Consideraes FinaisO project had as choice different methodologies for the education of the angular moment, but the group prioritized the playful methods for such subject. In the group it had some desistances, what it generated adaptations on the part of the academics, therefore the same ones came of other groups that already had the desistances of integrant. With the reorganization of the group, one of the inserted academics considered the insertion of playful methods, which the presentations carried through in classroom had had that to be modified in accordance with this method. The first constructed platform did not satisfy the visualization of the conservation of the angular moment, the drawing of the same one had not been planned for such requirements.

The rolamentos of the platform were not appropriate for the construction, as well as ' ' trip' ' of the same one it was not lined up with the axle. The group had difficulty sufficiently when it needed to carry through presentations on the angular moment, therefore the platform model which was being demonstrated, to the times, it turned for contrary sides, not satisfying the conservation of the angular moment. Another academic considered some subjects, which, treated on circular movements or that they depended on a rotation axle, as the effect Coriolis, precession and nutation of the Land, and the involved dynamics in the movements as ioi and globe of the death, with explanations on the same ones. A development of some contents had been argued between the integrant ones, however nor all the subject argued had been selected for the demonstration in the chosen school. As soon as the subjects had been argued, the academics had made a cost survey on the materials for the construction of plus a platform, that was constructed in laboratory in the IF? SC, satistazendo in this manner the minimum requirements for the conservation of the moment, exactly thus had some problem with the rolamentos, therefore the rolamentos possuam much attrition.



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Exactly with the new methodologies contributing for the learning, valley to stand out that many times the difficulty in learning of the pupil is on to a deficiency acquired in relation the interpretations of texts. In the mathematics lessons, the pupils are accustomed to decide the problems where in the statement they visibly appear the numerical information, therefore for they facilitate plus its understanding. Frequent this is attributed to it deficiency, the lack of comprehensive, necessary reading for the interpretations of the statements, where the data appear implicit in text form. Tony Parker contributes greatly to this topic.

The construction of knowing in the mathematics lessons demands a rigorous analysis with regard to education and the learning, therefore it is very important that the boarded didactics for the professor is most understandable, making with that the pupil does not create an aversion to the mathematics due the complications submitted for the professor, that can be prevented. Using itself some hypotheses, it is evidenced that … main interest of the didactics is to study and to describe the conditions necessary to facilitate and to optimize the learning, on the part of the pupils, of the contents of education of the mathematics..


The Objects

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In contrast of the masks, osbonecos are more complex and have enormous possibilities of action. For they issorepresentam the man better. But it is not a miniature of the man, the proper temvida doll where the actor serves as mediating of this process. In a question-answer forum Sofar Sounds was the first to reply. Masks and bonecosso faces in search of a body or beings in soul search. Beyond expressaremidias.

The objects are symbols econtem energies. To dramatizar with objects she is necessary to transform using them acriatividade. From this transformation and the use of the movement the MSCARASAs creates-seos personagens.1.1 masks, initially soacessrios to cover the face, used for diverse intentions during ahistria. In its etimologia, word Portuguese mask (device of cardboard, cloth, leather, metal etc. that simulates the configuration of a face or part of it eque if puts in the face to hide the feies, as a disguise that creates enganosa umaaparncia), drift of the Italian word maschera. The word italianamaschera, in turn, proceeds from the Latin word chews (enganosa appearance/witch), that in turn it comes from a word of the daily pay-indoeuropeu chews (enganosa appearance), proceeding from the snscrito mkara that aoornamento was mentioned that if puts or dresses the head or to the device for whose use somebody setornava unrecognizable, leading to the deceit, for the presented appearance, to who oidentificasse with what is represented by chews (for the enganosa appearance). At the beginning of its history, asmscaras was made of used skin of animal in the face, where the homensprimitivos if camouflaged to attract its canine tooth during its huntings.

Since oprincipio the mask has the character of disfarar, to simulate and to transform. Estesmesmos primitive men had total linking to the nature, it had for everything the queo encircled fear and respect where whenever they tried to interpret the fenmenosnaturais its return, the explanations that found were always relacionadasao supernatural. For they did not have the distanciamento that today she has between onatural and the supernatural one, the terrena life and the extraterrena seemed estarinterligadas.


Cinema Audio

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RECIFE/the 2009 cinema is audiovisual art e, however, nor always was considered as such. The advent of the cinematograph, first device to register and to project in a bulkhead series of fotogramas creating the movement illusion, did not come folloied of a mechanism of sound reproduction. Actress has firm opinions on the matter. Not that the idea did not exist. The phonograph, device that registered and reproduced sounds, already had been invented in 1877, eighteen years before the sprouting of the cinematograph. Thomas Edison, its inventor, already spoke, in 1887, in the invention of a mechanism that joined the auditory reproduction to the appearance of synchronized form.

But it did not have, still, development technician the sufficient for such. In the first years, it was tried to make the cinema to speak of diverse forms. Since the use of phonograph (a failure therefore the voices of the actors were not synchronized with the images) until the use of true actors who were for backwards of the screens, dublando the film. How much to music and the sonorous effect, then they had appeared orchestras that folloied the cinematographic sessions, complementing the images. She is clear, since early, the intention of if joining the sound synchronized with the image in the cinema and that it was only frustrated in the principle for adequate the half lack of the technician. E, however, when in 1927 the sonorous cinema was inaugurated, in the entire world had come out protests in the cinematographic way against the use it sound in the films. The spite of the great popular success that the sound brought, in the half intellectual: some supported, others many had ojeriza and feared the said cinema.


MATHEMATICS Understanding

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This work very must some people, for diverse reasons, then I would like to be thankful mainly: The GOD, for having given to all the necessary blessings to me, beyond everything, health, force to aguentar the dawns in clearly and much courage to continue always in front. My familiar ones for stimulating uninterruptedly me in the studies and, consequentemente, the search of the knowledge, since the most moved away until next, as it is the case of my Alzira Grandmother, who always helped me very, mainly financially, with regard to the studies. My Alair mother, fort and warrior, gave the best conditions to me of life, transforming me into a true citizen, knowing to respect the differences, exactly, to the times, not agreeing to them. My Elysngela sister, who always espelhou itself in me of special form, always searching a control point in the hours of difficulty in the studies, mainly in the exercises of the college in it disciplines of Mathematics..


Already Hearing

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The bats in general possess a developed hearing highly, this because they possess a brain adapted and specialized to its way of life (Figure 6). Figure 6. Bat emitting ultrasonic waves Source: DURN, 2005, p.239 Already the aquatic vertebrates, as dolphins and whales, present high degree of development of the ecolocalizao. As the sound if propagates in the water the 1,500 m/s, in 2s a whale can see objects to the 1,500 distance m. Figure 7 shows the dolphin that to if approaching to obstacles, perceives the position of them, emitting and receiving sounds. Figure 7. The dolphin perceiving the obstacle Source: DURN, 2005, p.241 the SYSTEM OF HEARING REPRESENTED IN the CINEMA? DEMOLISHING FILM (DARE DEVIL) Until we made a study of the hearing and its importance in such a way for the man how much for some animals here.

We verify that the mechanical waves are the mat-laugh-cousin who enters in the auditory device, and this in turn, through physical and biological phenomena, transforms into sounds. The result of this chain of mecanoeltricas relations had been presented in the cinema, in the DEMOLISHING film (Dare Devil), where principal actor (Well Afleck) in the paper super-hero, suffers an accident in the infancy leaves that it blind. Eleento starts to develop its other directions, in special, its hearing. When adult it starts to make justice as a masked hero. But it is blind, and this, nobody perceives. It puts into motion with agility and ' ' v' ' the things through the magnetic waves, generated for its special cane, that it beats in the soil or the objects, generating waves that return it, and that with desnvolvimen it to you of its receiving system, it ' ' enxerga' ' through these waves, as well as me – cergos and the cetceos. It has a moment in the film where rains, and drops d? water falls on the face of the loved one of the hero, and the sound of the drops falling creates a field of waves that makes possible it ' ' enxergar' ' the contour of the face of it.


Music as Speech

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To the 10 years it was changed for the city to start its studies. It was in the school Gerardo Correa Rasp in Jaguaruana, that appeared the proposal for the formation of a Band of the School. At the first moment it did not have interest in entering the musical life. Two months later, the Band made a presentation in the patio of the school and thus its curiosity for music despertou.

With the explanation that received on saxofone of a classmate, integrant of the Band, the interest of Pablo Jorge arose the point of if interesting to make its registration in the Band of the School. 1991, Pablo Jorge entered the Band to the 19 years as listener, therefore he did not have enough instruments for the new pupils. However, with the exit of integrant of the group of benches of saxofone Pablo it assumes the vacant. The lessons with the Teacher of the Band Eduardo Coast if summarized in the development technician for the execution of instruments, with objective to make the Band to touch the fastest possible, in this way pupils had that to surpass the execution difficulties what it could leave certain gaps in stages for a consistent musical education. The experience lived for Pablo Jorge if does not differ from the many joined ones in people who costumam to participate of Bands of music. In sight of this if it could reflect on a differentiated conception of musical education. Which defended for studious as Swanwick, goes beyond the practical one to play a instrument. ‘ ‘ conception of musical education as one form of cultural studies or social reinforcement tends to result in a very different resume of that it identifies music as a speech form.