Coriolis Same

by yudaica2013 ·

Below the graph with the opinion of the same ones. Figure 5? Graph on question 9.4 Consideraes FinaisO project had as choice different methodologies for the education of the angular moment, but the group prioritized the playful methods for such subject. In the group it had some desistances, what it generated adaptations on the part of the academics, therefore the same ones came of other groups that already had the desistances of integrant. With the reorganization of the group, one of the inserted academics considered the insertion of playful methods, which the presentations carried through in classroom had had that to be modified in accordance with this method. The first constructed platform did not satisfy the visualization of the conservation of the angular moment, the drawing of the same one had not been planned for such requirements.

The rolamentos of the platform were not appropriate for the construction, as well as ' ' trip' ' of the same one it was not lined up with the axle. The group had difficulty sufficiently when it needed to carry through presentations on the angular moment, therefore the platform model which was being demonstrated, to the times, it turned for contrary sides, not satisfying the conservation of the angular moment. Another academic considered some subjects, which, treated on circular movements or that they depended on a rotation axle, as the effect Coriolis, precession and nutation of the Land, and the involved dynamics in the movements as ioi and globe of the death, with explanations on the same ones. A development of some contents had been argued between the integrant ones, however nor all the subject argued had been selected for the demonstration in the chosen school. As soon as the subjects had been argued, the academics had made a cost survey on the materials for the construction of plus a platform, that was constructed in laboratory in the IF? SC, satistazendo in this manner the minimum requirements for the conservation of the moment, exactly thus had some problem with the rolamentos, therefore the rolamentos possuam much attrition.


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