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Beach Gala – 2010 Cup

by yudaica2013 ·

The new single of the Beach Gala – 2010 Cup 2010 Cup – the song to the soccer World Cup in South Africa – Beach Vulture to the 1o-year-olds again a hit now you go BBs, now BBs go – no 100 days more 2010 in South Africa and already they to the football World Cup, the countless football songs. A song, however, is including the according to almost all DJ BBs, which should give a ruling after the sampling, “the” World Cup 2010 is song. He also named after this World Cup and immediately delivers the result: “2010 Cup”. 2010 will be the year in which the flags be recouped out, you are again Jersey BBs and scarf attracts, turns the hair in the national colour, decorated his car with banner and just shows the flag. And you will mitgrohlen a song “2010 Cup Beach Geier” the song for the World Cup 2010! “” Beach vultures are: Hanns Martell flame of a summer night “,”Stella di Mare”,” close-up on the taboo “and muff MC June Devil Rahman”, “Julia – Angel or Devil”, “In the fragrance of wild orchids” in the pubs, public Viewings, motorcade BBs, discos and football stadiums – this song is the cracker to the World Cup! The is the persuasive opinion of many DJ BBs, insider and spotters! Source: RMG-RiegerMusicGroup booking and linkage enquiries please contact: RMG RiegerMusicGroup b cave 4 35606 Solms Tel. 06441-51850 more info: