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Lucio Sanchez

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It is a new type of greeting card that leaves paste your photo on the front and the inside is blank so that you can write what you like. Go to for more information. (Source: Lynn Redgrave). 7 Share an experience. It could be a movie, a new CD, an article of the magazine, or a novel. Talk about what you read or dress and tells why you liked or not, the same.

And do it regularly. 8 Praise. Everyone loves to receive praise. Give them also makes one feel well, also are taking advantage of the opportunity to improve the mood of your partner through a sincere compliment. You can do this in person or write in a small piece of paper and leave it somewhere unexpected so that your loved one can find it.

9 Dances. It doesn’t take much time to find a great song you both enjoy. Ponte dancing in the room of your House probably you will do for a maximum of 5 minutes, but it is a wonderful to reconnect physically interconnected way. An ideal time could be between dinner and coffee; or at night at the end of a long day or could do so in an unusual way to start the day. 10 Thoughtful gestures. Do something unexpected, especially when being loved is busy and stressed, is a nice way to demonstrate that you understand what is happening and that you have all your support. Show your partner how much you love it, won’t take much time and you will be rewarded amply for this effort. You will thus obtain real love! For more information, just click on the following link. A greeting and see you next. Lucio Sanchez original author and source of the article