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Cannes Film Festival

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"Before I heard rumors that the studio asked me to cut the film for 40 minutes. Blatant lie. In fact, the film will be one minute longer than the version shown at the Cannes Film Festival "- Quentin Tarantino said in an interview with Variety. Total eight months it took the director to shoot and mount a picture of World War ii – Quentin Tarantino, as promised, gave the premiere in Cannes. But after the show "Inglourious Basterds" rumors that Harvey Weinstein requires reduce the picture. As it turned out instead of the two hours, twenty-eight minutes, the film runs two hours and twenty-nine minutes. "Harvey Weinstein cool guy – says Quentin.

– He has a lot of valuable ideas. From something I agree with something there, but I always try to follow its instructions – after all, he puts a lot of money. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "damn, and in fact Harvey's right – so really the best." Many available in the script to the final assembly is not included. About these scenes Tarantino tells Variety, but we have not had seen a movie about it is better not to know. The main thing that a lot has been removed – hence, we can expect additional scenes on the dvd. Where did the idea prequel, which has already some time is being discussed on the Internet? "Throughout the survey period Brad Pitt and Eli Roth ever whined about the prequel.

Brad and said: "Let us prevail upon him to the prequel." Guys like the idea, I developed the story. Now already half-written script. True, on the other hand, I'm going to do an animated prequel to Kill Bill, but could not take off. " As for the risk of rolling film, designed for the adult viewer is Tarantino's all well aware. He has a star – Brad Pitt – which will provide cash in both the U.S. and abroad, plus a loyal army of their own fans. "Brad will lead their fans, and I – her. And collect the cash. " Also, the director admitted that he recently watched "Johnny D" and in general for box office success of his film is no longer going through. "I went on Friday, at half past six in the evening – and the hall was full. I thought: "Hmm, wow, people went to weekend to watch a serious movie with a major star. Probably, and I will be all right. " The point is that we often care only about the first Rolling weekend, forgetting that the movie goes and goes away before. " "Inglorious Bastards" in Russian hire will start from August 20 this year – the day before the United States.


Movie Review Team

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'Team A' is a western adventure television series about a fictional group of ex-commandos Western army. Hiding from the U.S. Army because of the violation, which they did not commit. In the run from justice, Team A stumble upon interesting situations in which they must fight for justice along the way helping the oppressed and downtrodden. They are always on the side of good. Some stories made a peculiar type of formulaic, where Team A carpentry work a miracle of military equipment from trucks and a variety of debris that they come across.

A crime that we did not commit. In times of war in Vietnam, 'Team A' ordered to rob a bank with which it was possible to to end the war. They performed their mission, but having arrived at their base some time after the war, are killed by their commander, and headquarters burned to the ground. Now they have no evidence of its innocence. How to prove that they acted on the orders of the commander in such a way 'Team A' was sent to military prison. Further, they are sent to Fort Bragg, where they soon run away, without waiting for solutions suda.V 2010 published continuation of the acclaimed film adaptation of Team A, the content of modified and diluted with fresh weapons and special effects. Welcome to the premiere of the film.